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The Keto Soup Bowl Cookbook : One-click shopping list

Here is your handy-dandy one-click shopping list for all the pantry staples used in

The Keto Soup Bowl Cookbook and The Keto Soup Cooking Masterclass!

Almond Flour –

Almond Milk (Unsweetened) –

Avocado Oil –

Balsamic Vinegar –

Chinese Five Spice –

Chopped Clams – (double check ingredients, some have sugar!)

Cocoa Powder –

Coconut Aminos –

Coconut Milk (THICK) –

Coconut Oil –

Ghee –

Guar Gum –

Hazelnuts –

Konjac Flour / Glucomannan Powder –

Liquid Smoke –

Maple Extract –

Marsala Cooking Wine –

Noodles Fettuccine (Miracle Noodles) –

Noodles (Other good brands) –

Noodles (Hearts of palm) –

Nutritional Yeast –

Orange Extract –

Rice (Miracle Rice) –

Sun Dried Tomatoes –

Thai Fish Sauce –

White Cooking Wine –

Xanthan Gum –