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Very Little Encouragement Needed

Yes.  I know I’ve been to Cafe Presse a whole bunch of times…BUT…I’ve never been with Melanie.  And that was all the reasoning that I needed to go there for the umpteenth time.  Melanie has been following along with my little food adventures for a while, but one day, after I posted images of Cafe Presse’s Chocolat Chaud, she just couldn’t stand it anymore.  She knew she had to have some.  A message popped up on my Facebook: “I want to go to Cafe Presse with you!”  I need very little encouragement, you know.

Melanie has at least 27 children.  OK, maybe not quite that many, but I’m sure it feels like 27 at times.  She & her husband have 5 little ones.  Melanie also needed very little encouragement to persuade her husband to work from home one day so that she could escape for a few hours of paradise.

It couldn’t have been a more beautiful Friday morning when I swung by to pick Melanie up.  Absolutely picture perfect.  And not just the weather.  When we got to Cafe Presse, the sun was shining down on the little sidewalk tables and chairs clustered outside the door.  We made a beeline for an open table & lolled against the railings.  The sun was just starting to peek over the buildings on the other side of the street.  I couldn’t wait to be sitting there basking in those early morning rays.

It won’t surprise you in the slightest that we knew exactly what we were going to order.  There was a heart-stopping moment when our server uttered words that had the potential to reduce both of us to tears: “I’m not sure I can get you Chocolat Chaud this early”.

{Very} thankfully, the lovely people in the kitchen stepped up, and 10 minutes later, there they were – two cups of Chocolat Chaud ($5), two bowls of freshly whipped cream and two spoons.

Five minutes later, two dishes of Oeufs Plats ($7.50) arrived, along with fresh baguette & butter.

I will *NEVER* get tired of eating this.


Can you feel the rays of the sun gently warming you?

Can you smell the baked ham & bubbling golden cheese?

 Can you feel the soft yielding bread against the thick, crunchy crust of the baguette in your mouth?

Can you feel the peace & tranquility of the moment seeping through you?

Can you resist the heady chocolate aroma drifting up from the cup?

No?  Then head over to Cafe Presse.  It’s awesome.  I have *never* been anything other than entirely happy there.  In fact, if I get any happier, I think they may have to medicate me.

THANKS Melanie, for a wonderful 2 hours : a perfect Friday morning!

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  • BobI’m sorry but this is just pure provocation! Have you no sympathy whatsoever for those of us who cant just “swing by” café presse? Just for that I am now going to spend three days eating paté! NA!ReplyCancel

  • MelanieSo fun . . . that really was a fabulous morning :)ReplyCancel