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Fuzziness Notwithstanding

Sometimes, when things get a bit lot crazy around here and I don’t get a blog post up within a few days of eating the food, the details get a bit fuzzy.   In this case, a lot fuzzy.

I met up at The Row House Cafe with a work colleague that I’d call The Nugget’s Mother’s Sister only that’s all getting a wee bit convoluted.  I could go with Diva, but she’d be really mad with me for that, even though it is quite fitting.  So we’ll just go with TVP, even though that always makes me think of Textured Vegetable Protein.

Fuzziness notwithstanding, and so as not to lead you astray, I’ll just mention the food was fine – not awesome, not bad – and the cafe was adorable.  Their veranda – because it’s way too nice to be called a deck – is just the loveliest place to sit on a sunny Saturday morning.  The service was slow but friendly.  Maybe breakfast isn’t really their thing.  Other reviews love their coffee & sandwiches.  Sounds like I may just have to go back for lunch.

Here’s how it went down in photos. Eggs Benedict at Row House Cafe

Row House Cafe

Scramble & Grits at Row House Cafe

Row House is one of those places were you order and pay at the counter & then plop a number on the table of your choosing so that the server knows where to drop your grub off at.  I am always confused as to how much I am supposed to tip at places that work like this.  It feels like I should tip less since they have only done a fraction of the work, but I don’t really understand the ins-and-outs of intricate tipping etiquette, being of British persuasion and all.  Please advise.

Row House Cafe

Eggs Benedict at Row House CafeScramble and Grits at Row House Cafe

Large metal chicken at Row House Cafe

The large metal chicken in their front yard made me think of this large metal chicken.  And now I am going to wrap this up, because if you are over there reading about large metal chickens you won’t be able to read anymore here for laughing.

Row House Cafe on Urbanspoon

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