So Very Lovely

Hello.  I’m eating Fran’s Gray Salt Caramels.  They’re awesome.

I’m behind.  It happens every time I take a road-trip.  I hate starting a New Year behind, but it happens each year, because each year I take a road-trip over the holidays and get back after the New Year has started.  So really, I don’t stand a chance.  In this instance, I was behind before I set out on the road-trip.  So now it’s even worse.  And that’s why I am eating Fran’s Gray Salt Caramels.  There is nothing that these dreamy little pillows of delicious smoothness don’t make feel better.  Thanks, Reid, for giving me a box so big that things can feel better for days.

One day, while I was meandering around California last week, I stumbled upon a roadside veggie stand.  I thought of you, because the whole thing was so very lovely.  I stopped & wandered about a while so I could share my beautiful roadside finds with you.

The sign read, “We’re too busy growing vegetables to stand here taking money.  Please drop your money into the oak barrel.”

Now there’s a concept that could take us all far.  Trust and honesty.  Kudos to you, Farmer Helmut.  And your cat, Shadow.  I had a lovely, lovely time.

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