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Seasonally Challenged

It’s December.

In my little world December means probably rainy, possibly snowy, and definitely cold.  So it’s no wonder I am becoming a little confused since I started this road-trip.

When I left Seattle, it looked pretty much like December should – grey, cold, and stacks of snow up in the mountains.

As I headed south, the temperature rose 2 degrees for every hour that I drove.

By the time I reached San Diego, it was behaving like mid-Summer.

Blue, blue ocean.

Blue, blue sky.

Welcome to the beach.

Meanwhile, in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley, Fall was alive & kicking.

Leaves glowing in the warm sunshine.

Vineyards rich with golden brown color.

Pumpkins ripe & brilliantly orange.

 A carpet of crisp, crunchy, red, brown & yellow hued leaves.

All I need now is to see some daffodils & my seasonally challenged confusion will be complete.

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