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Sunshine, Sunroof, Sunglasses

Yesterday, in Seattle, was amazing.  Blue, blue sky & that big yellow ball in the sky.  A most glorious day.  Glorious, I tell you.  I had a crepe date with a cute gal I had previously only communed with on Twitter.  Ah, Twitter – I still don’t know quite what to make of you.  It seems though, that social media is alive and kicking and working well.  Yay!

We had decided to eat crepes together in Snohomish, as I am apt to do with people I don’t know.  Eat crepes, that is, not necessarily in Snohomish.  It turned out to be a splendid idea.  

The Crepe Escape is right on the edge of downtown Snohomish.  Snohomish, if you’ve never been, is adorable.  It’s known as the antique capital of WA, and it’s not hard to see why.  Is also not hard to see why The Crepe Escape is Tammy’s favorite coffee shop.  A beautiful space dotted with eclectic frippery & cutesy accents, it just lends itself to comfortable, casual hanging out.  I can see folks curling up in one of those chairs with a good book and a hot coffee for hours on end.  The roaring log fire along with the sun heating things up made it all rather warm.  After the last few weeks I was ready for warm.

















It was fairly chaotic in The Crepe Escape when we arrived.  They had a large party, all eating crepes; and large parties, it seems, stretches their abilities to stay sweet & smiley.  We waited at the counter forever to order, & then got rather terse service & our drinks all mixed up.  Good job we instantly bonded since we were both inadvertently drinking out of the other’s cup before we’d known each other for 10 minutes.  I think the server got confused with having 2 slim, same-height, long-haired blonds at the same time.

Luckily, the winter sun streaming though the large windows & the oh-so-cozy decor still made us feel right at home.  We sat in the window with our crepes & drinks.  I am not sure why we got drinks in to-go cups when we were obviously eating in.  Obvious, because, you know, we’d ordered crepes.  I hate drinking out of a to-go cup when I am drinking in.  The hot chocolate was average – better than a lot, not as good as some.

The crepes were large & well-filled.  I had a Snoho Veggie Crepe – bursting with fresh, tasty vegetables & finished with basil sour cream ($8.95).  It was wonderfully fresh & tasty.  The odd thing was the addition of a tiny spoonful of grilled potatoes in one corner of the fun triangular plates.  Tammy’s corner had a tiny pile of coleslaw.  Put some food there or don’t, but don’t put it there so it looks either like a mistake or an after-thought.

Meeting Tammy was delightful.  Tammy owns Cannon Social Media & is a whiz at helping local businesses survive & thrive in the new economy.  She’s passionate about local.  Tammy also lends her marketing skills to various local non-profits.  She’s a good egg.

We wandered around downtown Snohomish for a while.  It was a beautiful day.  Clear blue skies & gentle sunshine.  By 11:30 it was almost warm.  A very wonderful thing at the beginning of February in Seattle.  I do wish I’d had my tilt-shift lens with me though.

After we had parted ways I decided to maximise my food opportunities in Snohomish & head over to one of the Cup-cakeries in town.  The choice was easy since one of them only opens on the weekend.  I’ll go to Bite Me, then.  Bite Me is pink.  Very pink.  Deanna Morauski would love it here.  I was a little disturbed by the T-shirts on the wall leading up to the party area – kids T-shirts emblazoned across the front with “Bite Me”?  Hmmmm.


















Clean, fresh & welcoming, I was surprised I was the only one eating cupcakes on a gloriously sunny Friday morning.  I picked a spot in the super-sunny window & figured that 3 mini cupcakes would be better than 1 large one.  Red Velvet, Carrot & Chocolate Cupcakes with a large cup of Peppermint Tea coming right up.


















Even the bathroom had been cupcaked with pink walls & cutesy cupcake wall art.  But, I know you – all you really want is pictures of gorgeous cupcakes & to know whether they tasted good.

The Carrot Cupcake was delicious – moist, carroty, light.  The Chocolate Cupcake was good – good texture, could have been more chocolaty, not especially memorable.  The Red Velvet Cupcake was the disappointment.  At this point I should mention that Red Velvet anything disturbs me.  Having made Red Velvet Cupcakes in a Baking class at my house at the specific request of my effervescent & zany friend, Fritzy, I was horrified to discover the incredible amount of red food coloring one needs to get the cake that color.  We don’t have Red Velvet cake in England, so this whole Red Velvet thing was new to me.  However, I am pretty certain that my inherent fear of eating such a beast is NOT clouding my judgement when I say that this cupcake was almost soggy.  One chew and it was a ball of gooeyness.  The frosting was all good & they were beautifully decorated.

I loved that they had mini cupcakes for sale – more frosting per bite & I got to try 3 flavors in stead of 1.  I loved the ambiance in the store, & the server was as sweet as the cupcakes.  I loved Snohomish, I loved meeting Tammy, I loved my crepe.  I also loved the drive up & back across the countryside – through Monroe, Duvall & Carnation.  I really do live in a fabulous place.

One very happy Friday!

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