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Dinners by the Dishful

I have 81 draft posts sitting in my dashboard.  I have a bunch more drafts in my head.  I am not entirely sure how I got to this point, and, it doesn’t really matter, since this is the point I am at.  In a desperate attempt not to add to that number, I’m going to combine a whole bunch of dinners into one post, so you get the info & I get some relief.  And no more drafts.

Click on the big images for each dinner to start a slide-show.

Dinner with The Dashing German: Seastar

The company was awesome.  The food was disappointing, and overpriced.  The service was average.  I swear the fruit that came with the Panna Cotta was fruit salad out of a can.  Seastar, huge disappointment.  Mind you, given the company, I’d have eaten pretty much anything and still been happy.   

Holiday Dinner with The Boss: Rover’s

The company was awesome.  The food was stunning, and ridiculously good.  The service was extraordinary.  Rover’s blew my mind – I had no idea that a cute little house tucked away behind a row of shops in Madison Park was dishing up food this amazing.  The Boss said, “Of all the holiday dinners I’ve eaten in my time, this was by far the best.”

We ate innumerable courses, so here is a small selection of them for your viewing pleasure.  This dinner was a culinary delight.  GO

Holiday Dinner with The Team: Le Grand Bistro Americain

The company was awesome.  The food was awesome.  The service was awesome.  I was expecting it to be good – it was way beyond that.  Foie gras on your steak?  Yes, please.  Chocolate desserts made with Valrhona?  Yes, please.  French food in a typical American bistro setting?  Yes, please.

There was a bunch of us, so here’s just a few shots to whet your appetite. 

Dinner with The Boss: Cafe Presse

The company was awesome.  The food was awesome.  The bill was awesome.   The service was awesome.  And sassy.  And patient.  I *finally* went to Cafe Presse for dinner.  Can you even believe it?  The thing that blew everyone’s skirt up was a menu special – Shrimp Pate (or something like that) – the flavors were incredible.  This place was so much fun to have a group at.  We ordered a bunch of different things, we shared, we laughed.  A lot.  It was awesome.  And we took a few moments to remember our team mate, Brian Glasgow, who was being laid to rest in Melbourne while we ate.  We raised our glasses & toasted him: the “mad bastard”.

The bill was $200 for 8.  Including booze.  Really.  

Dinner with The BFF: Bis On Main

The company was awesome.  The food was good.  The service was *very* handsome.  And charming.  We really just swung in for a quick bite.  BFF just had a main course, I downed a salad & a main.  We shared a delicious side of Brussel sprouts with bacon, walnuts & truffle oil. The food did not make me swoon like it usually does, but the company more than made up for that.

Dessert with the BFF: Belle Pastry

The company was awesome.  The food was awesome.  The service was young & cute & very jolly given that it was past 8 pm.  Despite being full when we left Bis On Main, after a 15 minute stroll around Old Bellevue, we nipped into Belle Pastry for a hot chocolate.  And a pastry.  Well, there’s {always} room for a pastry, right?  The pastry on my Lemon Meringue Tart was a little on the soft side, but I expect it had been sat there all day, so really to be expected.  These peeps just know how to do pastries right.

Seastar Seafood Restaurant and Raw Bar (Bellevue) on Urbanspoon Rover's on Urbanspoon Le Grand Bistro Americain on Urbanspoon Café Presse on Urbanspoon Bis on Main on Urbanspoon Belle Pastry on Urbanspoon

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