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I Like Surprises

I like surprises.  Not bad surprises so much, although it is true that usually even bad surprises turn out to be really good.  In the end.  But I love good surprises.

Chicken & Cranberry Salad at Purple Cafe, Kirkland

Like going out for what you figured would be a fairly ordinary meal and having your mouth end up being so spectacularly happy you drive home not wanting to brush your teeth, because you just want to keep all those flavors lingering as long as possible.  (But you brush your teeth anyway.)

New York Steak & Creamy Spinach at Purple Cafe, Kirkland

A meal so good you don’t care that your stomach is screaming, “Stop!”  (And you keep eating anyway.)

Pan Seared Pork Tenderloin at Purple Cafe, Kirkland

A meal so good you’ll be dreaming about it for a very long time.  (And you’re just fine with that.)

Chicken & Cranberry Salad at Purple Cafe, Kirkland

With weather so good you could eat out on the patio as the sun went down.  (In Seattle!  In April!)

Plus Reid.  Reid makes every meal better.  (Even when he’s been a real PITA all day.)

Yeah.  Surprises like that.  Love those.


PAN SEARED PORK TENDERLOIN – fregola sarda, black currants, butternut squash purée and apple cider gastrique  ($22)

GRILLED NEW YORK – confit fingerling potatoes, creamy spinach and red wine demi glace ($29)

CRANBERRY CHICKEN – grilled chicken, bacon, almonds, scallions, celery, apples, dried cranberries, parmigiano-reggiano and cranberry-dijon vinaigrette ($10/$13)


Purple Cafe and Wine Bar Woodinville on Urbanspoon Purple Cafe and Wine Bar Seattle on Urbanspoon

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