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Going Backwards To Move Forwards

Hello, from here.

Here is where I should have started.  Although it’s taken me a while – two years, give or take a month – to get here…get here I did, even though I had to go backwards to move forwards.

I built an all-singing, all-dancing gallery website for my photographic work to quieten the torrent of shouts for me to “put your stuff online” from countless supporters.  It was intended to be a simple gallery where people could view my images and choose which ones they wanted to hang on their walls.  Simple.  Neat.  Tidy.  I do like tidy.Pier at William R. Hearst Memorial State Beach, California

Then, Breanna turned my world upside down the day she popped a copy of Seattle Magazine into my paws while performing hair magic on me, and I promptly embarked on The Big Breakfast Adventure.  The eating soon (and when I say soon, I really mean the same day) became preceded by shooting and followed by writing.  A food blog was born.

I wrote about food adventures.  I wanted to write about my travel and photography adventures too, but a food blog didn’t seem like the right spot for all that.  But it was all I had.  I tried to keep them apart, but I think that was pretty much a fail.

Fast forward 6 months and Foodie Footnotes came into being – all the food stuff in it’s very own space, leaving all the travel & photography to do its own thing over in the gallery.

Macarons from Honore Artisan Bakery, Seattle

Then one day I photographed veggies at a roadside stand.  Such a dilemma!  Was it food or was it travel?  I’ll have you know I lost sleep over that.  For months.  Roadside veggie stand in Solvang, California

Fast forward another year and I found myself recklessly posting images of  The Grand Canyon – and my feet – in among my foodie ramblings.  Because really, running 2 websites was just too much.  Too complicated, too fragmented, too…just too much.  So the feet and the fences and the wide open spaces joined the grub. Pier at Port San Luis, California

Another 3 months on and somehow the name no longer made sense.  Foodie Footnotes was no longer footnotes about the food I was chowing down.  My blog was about life.  About road-trips and photographs, food and friends, and yes, fences.  So the name had to go.  And anyone who has ever dabbled in such things knows – a new name = a new domain = a whole huge pile of work.  You don’t even realize how many places you have your email posted, until you change it.  Plus all the social media to re-brand.  Oh my.  Do I even remember where I have everything posted?

This time I enlisted help.  It came in the form of Mini-Me and The Hubs.  I fed them good food.  And chocolate ice cream.

Lemon Butter Shrimp and Pineapple Pinenut Salad

It took time.  Tweaking.  A few mishaps.  A broken feedburner.  A few misplaced images.

But now I am here.  Where I should have been all along.  You know what they say about the journey being more important than arriving at the destination?  Yeah, like that.

This blogette is really about life.

Marmalade = sweet + bitter.  Like life.

Mileposts = the markers along the way, to show how far you’ve come.  On roadtrips.  When you travel.  On adventures.  And in life.

Marmalade & Mileposts.  All life, all the way.

Carrie Brown's Feet at Joshua Tree National Park, California.

Bon voyage!

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