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Picked This Morning

Oh dear.  I went and broke my own rule.  I hate it when that happens.  Since the advent of the Friday Night Dinners I have restricted my breakfasting adventures to one per weekend; because a girl just can’t write 4 or 5 blog posts in 2 days.  These things take time, you know.  I’m not fast.  And I like to wallow around in amongst all the words before I finally hit the publish button.  I may not be fast, but I am thorough.  I like that about myself.  Not the slow part, the thorough part.  Although let’s be clear, under certain circumstances, and in some settings, slow can be a really good thing.

So on Saturday I went to breakfast with J-dub.  Sunday I went to breakfast with EJ.  And on top of all that breakfasting, on Saturday evening a bunch of Owens came over and we all crammed onto the new leather couch to watch a movie.  Including all the kitties there were 10 of us.  We ate 4 flavors of ice cream while we laughed out loud at “Cars”.  It was awesome.  But now I’m behind.  Again.  Sigh.  Further, to top it all off, I’ve already signed myself up for more of the same next weekend.  Two breakfasts instead of one.  Despite one of them being all business, I am sure I’ll still feel compelled to write about it.  Especially since my meeting is with a stuffed dog.  A particularly handsome stuffed dog, I might add.

The long and the short of it is this: I’ve got to be brief if I am going to get this all done and still get some nap time in.  So here we go.

Location: Cafe Lago, Montlake, Seattle.

Weather: Overcast turning to sunshine.

Cuisine: Italian.

Famous for: Breakfast Pizza.

Server: Heather.  Gracious, humble, lovely.

Breakfast Buddy: EJ.

Food: EJ – Bacon Rosemary Pizza, Carrie – Lago Farms Salad & Frittata di Asparagi.

Beverages: EJ – latte, Carrie – peppermint tea.

Seating: cute little table for two right in the window.

Decor: fresh garden flowers, crisp white linens, sparkling glasses, flame pizza oven.  Beautiful.

Topics of conversation: Men, work, cooking, men, salads, road-trips, moving to SFO, men, cats and dogs, the housing market, food, men.

Cafe Lago, Montlake, SeattleCafe Lago, Montlake, SeattleCafe Lago, Montlake, SeattleCafe Lago, Montlake, SeattleLago Farms Salad at Cafe Lago, Montlake, SeattleLago Farms Salad at Cafe Lago, Montlake, SeattleBacon Rosemary Pizza at Cafe Lago, Montlake, SeattleFrittata di Asparagi at Cafe Lago, Montlake, SeattleFrittata di Asparagi at Cafe Lago, Montlake, SeattleRaspberry Danish at Cafe Lago, Montlake, Seattle

Lago Farms Salad: Mixed green salad picked this morning in Montlake.  Hello.  Fennel, orange slices, roasted hazelnuts, Romano cheese, orange vinaigrette $8.

Bacon Rosemary Pizza: Tomato sauce, bacon, rosemary, garlic, organic egg, Parmigiano $11.

Frittata di Asparagi: Organic egg frittata with Yakima asparagus and goat cheese, with bruschetta $11.

Raspberry Danish: Swoon $0 (Because they were out of scones, because it was our first time there, because it was a sunny day).  Fantastic!  And you know how picky I am about my pastries.


Summary: Go eat brunch at Cafe Lago.  It’s fabulous.


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