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To Draw Me In

Last Saturday (wow…was it really only a week ago??) I bought:

  • A kick-a** French mandoline that almost required a bank loan.  I am still scared to open the box in case I get it dirty.
  • 5 white, porcelain serving dishes.  Because you can never have too many.
  • A meatloaf pan.  How did I get to live as many years as I have without ever owning a meatloaf pan?
  • A stuffed toy cat.  (No, the camera was not an included accessory)

  • 2 packets of almond meal.
  • 2 packets of cream cheese.  No, not low fat.
  • A bag of lemons.
  • Almond milk.
  • Coconut milk.
  • Irish butter.  From Irish cows.
  • And, no macarons.

I wondered what this all meant.  And then I realized that I have a tendency to over think {some} things and decided instead to wonder how long it was until it was time to eat again.  After all that shopping, my Big Breakfast Adventure seemed like an awful long time ago.  I blame breakfast entirely for the unplanned shopping spree.  I mean, who knew that 50 North was slap bang next to U-Village – home of Williams-Sonoma, Crate and Barrel and a squall of other stores that I have no business going to, but every time I pass them they somehow manage to draw me in?

J-dub joined me at 50 North for the Big Breakfast Adventure.  J-dub and I work together 4 days a week, and when we first met, and discovered we shared singledom, photography and food in common, a Big Breakfast Adventure was scheduled immediately.  Then it got moved a few times.  And a few more.  And then I refused to move it again.  50 North, here we come!  SWAG Man has been raving to me about 50 North for EVER.  He’ll be thrilled to hear I finally made it through the doors.

Here’s how it went down.

Location: 50 North, U-District, Seattle.

Weather: I no longer remember.  I was wearing a jacket.

Cuisine: American.

Famous for: Hearty Veggie Plates, Unusual Grains.

Server: Rachael.  Bubbly, accommodating, mad about doughnuts.

Breakfast Buddy: J-dub.

Food: J-dub – Artistic Skillet, Carrie – Seafood Omelet.

Beverages: J-dub – coffee, Carrie – peppermint tea.

Seating: booth for two right in the window.

Decor: Modern, fresh, bright and spacious.  A cross between Ikea and Pottery Barn.

Topics of conversation: Life, and how much we love it.  And then it veered off the rails onto work.  But only for a little bit.

50 North Restaurant Seattle

50 North Restaurant Seattle

Artistic Skillet at 50 North Restaurant Seattle

Seafood Omelet at 50 North Restaurant Seattle

Seafood Omelet at 50 North Restaurant Seattle

Artistic Skillet (vegetarian, gluten-free available): Scrambled cage-free eggs, roasted veggies, tofu & cheddar cheese with a parsley oil drizzle, 50 North potatoes and toast ($12).

Seafood Omelet (gluten-free): Prawns and salmon with shallots and fresh mozzarella, served with 50 North potatoes and toast ($14).  They happily subbed out the potatoes for a side salad to keep me *SANE™.

Delicious Homemade Doughnuts ($1).  Not really a doughnut, but choux (cream puff) pastry, fried and then dunked in a thin sugar glaze.  It tasted like doughnut though.

Doughnut at 50 North Restaurant Seattle

Summary: Fun, stylish place to grab a bite.  Good, fresh food, not huge portions, great service.  Definitely on the repeat list.  Can see this would be a great spot for dinner.

50 North on Urbanspoon

*SANE™ – a term used in Jonathan Bailor’s book, The Smarter Science of Slim.

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  • Oremo Ochillo50 North is in my neck of the woods so I go there quite often. My favorite dish of theirs which you didn’t cover is their Shrimp and Grits. Seems like it would be a southern dish but I’m from the south and we don’t actually eat it there. I was craving grits one day and just went for it. Glad I did.ReplyCancel

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