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And Just Breathe

Last weekend was rather unusual.  It was also decidedly lovely.  I got off the merry-go-round for a few days.  I needed to stop doing.  And just breathe.

On Friday I went shopping.  That may well sound like a rather ordinary thing to do – and a normal thing for many most people – but for me it was quite the event.  When I was younger – living in London and studying at The National Bakery School – had shopping been an Olympic sport I would have been a serious contender for a medal.  Then I moved to Australia, and frankly, I don’t know what happened, but I developed a dislike of shopping that has never left me.  Maybe it was because the sun shone for 9 months straight and I didn’t need to go to the mall to get out of the rain.  Maybe because landing in a new country with a new culture pushed me out of my comfort zone and deep into discovery mode; and not new malls kind of discovery, either.  Maybe it was because pastry chefs {used to} get paid peanuts in Oz.  Maybe it was because I was way too busy eating pizza on the beach at sunset, petting kangaroos, and dangling my feet into the warm Pacific Ocean lapping Cottesloe Beach.  Or any combination of the above.  Who knows.  By the time I had plopped back onto English shores and returned to The Big City, my penchant for traipsing round stores for 8 hours at a time were well and truly behind me.  Anymore, if I feel the need to acquire some fresh duds, I head to one store and in 45 minutes have 11 new outfits all bagged up and ready to trot out the door.  It’s the only way to go.  I’d rather be eating.  Or cooking.  Or shooting stuff.  I’d much rather be shooting stuff.

Since I had already ejected myself from the house and pried the Visa out of my wallet and exchanged plastic for clothing, I figured I should just keep going while the going was good, and get the whole darn list done in one swoop.  That meant picking up a dumbbell and a pull up bar from the sports store.  The Bailornator will be so proud!  And relieved.  And secretly wondering how on earth it could possibly have taken me so long.  I had to take my sparkly new 12.5lb dumbbell back to the store 2 days later.  Seems my wet spaghetti arms aren’t as feeble as we thought.  Let’s see how I get on with a 20lb one.  Ouch.  OUCH.

Trader Joe’s was next on the list.  That’s a lot of meat and Greek yoghurt, Miss.  Next stop: veggies from the local farmers market.  Then, a little late afternoon nap on the blanket on the lawn with the “kids”, in the warm rays.  We love hanging out there on a heady, sunshiny day.  A leisurely dinner of leeks, pea shoots and smoked salmon got whipped up (recipe coming soon!) and eaten al fresco.  Time to potter around the house and do a few bits and bobs on the home-front before heading to bed with a good book.

I didn’t write a solitary word.  I didn’t process a single pixel.  I didn’t shoot one thing.  No blogging.  No email.  No calls.  I even took Facebook down.  Yes, yes I did.  That hasn’t happened in over 2 years.

I purposefully went with the flow.  And I didn’t beat myself up for it afterwards.  No, no I didn’t.  That hasn’t happened more than a handful of times in my life.

And it was awesomeSunflower

Saturday I had another remarkably normal day.  The kind of Saturday that I imagine most single gals have all the time.  Relaxing, social, slow.  And it was awesome.

Hello, sunshine.  Hello, Madison Park.Lake Washington, Madison Park, Seattle

Hello, La Cote Cafe.La Cote Cafe, Madison Park, Seattle

Hello, favorite salad ever.Salad at La Cote Cafe, Madison Park, Seattle

Hello, best crepes outside of Paris.  Smoked duck.  Sacre bleu!Smoked Duck Crep at La Cote Cafe, Madison Park, Seattle Seattle in Summer = best place on earth.  Having one of those “I LIVE here!!!!!!” moments. Lake Washington, Madison Park, Seattle

Hello, cupcake.Bourbon Bacon Brittle Cupcake at Trophy Cupcakes, Seattle

Bourbon Bacon Brittle.  I do not jest.

Bourbon Bacon Brittle Cupcake at Trophy Cupcakes, Seattle

More nap time on the blanket on the lawn.  Another lazy al fresco dinner.  Additional book time while lolling in bed with Daisy.

I make no apology for pictures taken in the noon-day sun.  Or for getting nothing constructive done.  I make no apology for lots of sleep and naps on top.  Or for a weekend full of inSANE* food.  I make no apology for day # 2 of no writing, pixel-peeping or blog posts.

The last year has been completely mad.

Sometimes, you need to stop doing.

And just breathe.



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  • Charlie OwenHow absolutely wonderful for you. I’ve got to try this sometime…!ReplyCancel

  • carrieI thoroughly recommend it, Charlie!ReplyCancel

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