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As I suspect most good – and by ‘good’ I mean mostly conscientious and consistent – bloggers do, I usually feel somewhat obligated to write some kind of New Year post.  But for the last many years that sense of obligation has not materialized. On purpose. And  you know, that’s not a bad thing, because this whole low carb or keto lifestyle isn’t something that was designed to go on a list of resolutions that come out once a year and are forgotten about by February.  No sirree!  This is something to be embraced as an all-singing, all dancing way of life, because who doesn’t want to just live better – all year round?

So instead of wittering on about resolutions I decided instead to focus on just one word: EMBRACE.

Here’s a few things that would be great to embrace on your journey to health.  Some will be easy to embrace, others not so much; we’re creatures of habit and change can be hard – even when the results are good.  All change towards a healthier and saner life is all good.

  • EMBRACE the real truth about all those calorie myths we’ve been slaves to for the past few decades.  So much of what we’ve been told about dieting and exercise has led us down all the wrong paths to all the places we didn’t want to go.  Figure out what is driving you towards change. This is your “why”. Without a why it’s likely you won’t be motivated to do anything to propel you forward.

Embrace | Carrie Brown

  • EMBRACE eating smarter.  Grab any one  – or all! – of my keto cookbooks crammed with scrumptious recipes.  These are your “how”.  Between them they cover a basic keto day to get you off on the right track.  Why do I *really* want you to buy my cookbooks?  The same reason as I wrote them: because they will help you reach your goals faster, easier, cheaper, and more deliciously.  Smarter food can be super-delicious and you won’t feel in the least deprived.


  • EMBRACE more sleep.  Great sleep is critical to great health.  Hit the snooze instead of getting up to go run!  If you’re not getting 7 hours a night you’re robbing yourself of health.  Put sleep at the top of your to-do list every day!

Embrace | Carrie Brown

  • EMBRACE eating healthy fats.  Healthy fats such as coconut, nuts, avocado, cocoa, eggs, fish, meat should be eaten in abundance to keep your brain and body functioning at it’s best.  Fat does not make us fat, and in fact, healthy fats eaten in appropriate amounts make us healthier and leaner.  Embrace the good fats and eat your fill.


  • EMBRACE veggies.  If veggies don’t make you feel great, skip them, but if eating veggies does makes you feel good, have at it. Just focus on the non-starchy ones – the leafy greens and those that grow above ground are typically your best low carb options.

Embrace | Carrie Brown

  • EMBRACE exercising less.  You don’t need to spend hours getting in shape every week.  Exercising smarter allows you to get your body in shape with a fraction of the time.  Think of all the other fun things you can do with that time!


  • EMBRACE eating more.  You don’t need to eat less food to maintain a healthy weight.  Eat more of the right foods and you’ll be slim without ever being hungry.

Embrace | Carrie Brown

  • EMBRACE drinking water.  If you don’t care for the taste of plain water (guilty!), drink herbal teas like peppermint, or add a splash of lemon or lime juice.  Whatever you need to do to drink more water, just do it!  Or, if water just does not do it for you, then a have a cookbook for that!  101 Keto Beverages will make getting hydrated more delicious and nutritious than you ever thought possible.


  • EMBRACE green tea.  If you don’t care for the taste of green tea (guilty!), try matcha powder instead, or if you drink smoothies use cold green tea instead of water.

Embrace | Carrie Brown

  • EMBRACE getting rid of your bathroom scale.  You body scale does not serve you well as a measure of progress, and may encourage you to fall off the wagon when the number doesn’t go down, even when the results are clearly showing in other ways.  Down with body scales!  If you need to measure something measure your waist, your chest and your neck every week or two.


  • EMBRACE non-scale victories.  Tightening the belt buckle, wearing smaller clothes, feeling energetic, glowing skin, reduction in aches and pains, no bloated feeling – just a handful of the signs that your body is getting healthier.  Look for the signs that your body is healing without caring about what it weighs!

Embrace | Carrie Brown

  • EMBRACE success.  Be ready – mentally and emotionally – to enjoy the new you!


  • EMBRACE community.  Subscribe to this blog (in the left hand menu bar) to keep content coming right to your door when you need support, or inspiration, tips and tricks, or a scrumptious new recipe to help you keep going in the right direction.  Connect on Facebook to get updates on all the things I’m up to and join the The Keto Kitchen Facebook Group to get ideas, share stories, and celebrate success with other people sharing similar health goals to you.  Staying connected *REALLY* helps.  Make use of these fabulous free resources!


What will you EMBRACE this year that will make the most positive difference to your life?





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  • RoxanneThank you, Carrie, for your inspiring words. I was feeling a little discouraged this morning, but your post reminded me to look at the positive health changes I have experienced: no more IBS, free of fibromyalgia pain, and a flat stomach. My family doesn’t agree with the changes I’ve made, but having support from the internet community helps me to stay the course.ReplyCancel

  • AllisonI love this! The first bullet point was my “ah ha” over the weekend. I’m now OFF sugar and carbs COMPLETELY (day 4) and at first I was like “wah wah wah, why me? Why do I have to deprive myself of good food?” and then I realized that it’s not that I now have to deprive myself of what everyone else gets, it’s that the role of food in my life up til this point has been wrong. Food isn’t supposed to create fireworks in your brain each and every bite. It’s supposed to sustain you, give you energy, give you life. But not give you a high every day, all day. So my new mantra is “It’s not that I now am deprived of food that makes me feel happy, it’s that food was never supposed to. We were wrong this whole time”. Not to say that we can’t have good food without sugar, but we all know it doesn’t always create the same reaction, especially at first. But your recipes are helping bridge the gap! Cheesy biscuits for president!ReplyCancel

  • MemyHi Carrie,
    Every morning I wake up and the first thing I do is stick in my ipod to listen to Paleo podcasts. This acts as a bit of “backbone starch” to get me over the “but I’ve always had oatmeal” hump. This morning’s podcast was a guy complaining about how his family doesn’t “get” his paleo lifestyle. I haven’t heard that much wingeing since I was a vegan! Then, with my home-made bullet proof coffee in hand, I sat down to check email’s and your lovely Embrace! was right on top of the stack. It was positive and funny (except for the ER trip, poor you!) and empowering. It was a wonderful reminder of all the aspects that make Paleo living a bright light in the vast dark world of nutrition. THIS is what I needed to put my day right again.
    Thank you. Hugs, MemyReplyCancel

  • EllenOnce again, you hit the nail on the head! Thanks for the reminders. I read them tonight, just before going into “weekend mode”. I will make sure to hit the grocery store on the way home from work so that my weekend will be sane and healthy. I will do this for me!
    Keep that positive energy coming, girlfriend!ReplyCancel

  • SarahYes!  I love this!  I will EMBRACE all of these (except green tea ? ?)! ReplyCancel