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A Good Chuckle

When I started writing this I was sat in a beautiful apartment at a resort in California, having just downed an awful lot of sautéed mushrooms and several scrambled eggs.  It was delicious.  Prior to my rendezvous with a frying pan and a sharp knife, I was lolling on a sun bed in the warm sunshine and thanking my lucky stars for a week away and a chance to see a different part of the Pacific ocean.  Life is good.

I think it’s important to note that laughing is also good.  So the other week when one of the brilliant moderators over in the SANE and Eccentric Community started a thread entitled, “You know you’ve gone SANE when…” I had a good chuckle over some of the responses and I thought you might like to join in.  It’s good to giggle.


You know you’ve gone SANE when…

…You enjoy a small glass of unflavored unsweetened kefir as a treat!  Rebecca

…The baby carrot you ate at the company potluck tasted like candy.  Tina

…You eat Carrie Brown’s ice cream (in moderation) without a vestige of guilt!  Mike

…Your best friend sends you a cookie recipe to help with your new diet and you immediately recognize there are more carbs from the sugar-free ingredients than a cookie made with sugar (just happened!)  Ali

…You would prefer to snack on sugar snap peas, then potato chips.  Codi

…You can justify getting another fridge or a bigger fridge to hold all that great produce.  Carolyn

…You stop by the grocery on the way to see a movie with your kids so you can grab a bag of sugar snap peas.  Erin

…You spend $300.00 on a reconditioned blender!  Steve

…When you see a runner trotting along (after you yourself have been a lifelong runner) and you think…”Man, you don’t have to be doing all that….”  Steve

…When there are very weird thick green smoothies in your fridge that you have to defend to family members why you drink them.  Nicky

…When your coworker looks at your lunch (tons of veggies, large omelet, 1/4 of an avocado and a small orange for dessert) and asks if you are going to eat all that food. The answer is: yes!!!  Jessica

…When you buy almond flour in bulk.  Bethany

…When your salad bowl holds 3 quarts.  Kyra

…You don’t mind people looking in your cart at the grocery store because you are so proud of your choices.  Carolyn

…When you’re looking everywhere for grass-fed beef.  Steve

…You eat frozen broccoli for breakfast (in a smoothie) Yum.  Jenny

…You feel stuffed full all day – too full to snack – and still lose weight/drop clothes sizes.  Mike

…You pass by a stack of potato chips, tortilla chips, Fritos, etc…..and say to yourself….meh…..would rather feel good like I do now than the temporary taste bud satisfaction!  Laura

…You can pass up any sugar or candy treats because you know tonight you are going to “indulge” in Carrie’s Chocolate Yogurt SupremeKaren

…You to your favorite deli for coffee, and only have coffee!  Leanda

…You start photographing vegetables instead of (or in addition to) sunrises.  Laurie

…You ordered 5 lbs of nuts from :)  Tina


How do you know you’ve gone SANE?



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  • SyritaWhen you hand out Christmas cookie recipes to friends and the ingredients include xylitol ( amoung other non traditional cookie ingredients) !! ;)ReplyCancel

  • Josita…when you eat a green pepper and it reminds you of watermelon.

    …when you can’t go through the day without at least one green smoothie.

    …when someone who sees you eating a big salad for lunch every day at work asks if you aren’t tired of eating salads, and you say no!

    …when you feel better than you have felt in a long time and all you have to do is eat your vegetables, who knew.ReplyCancel