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Keto Survival Kits: Planning to Thrive, not Survive

Emergencies are part of life, and something we should all be prepared for. Earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes flooding or disease pandemics can leave you in a dire situation if you do not have supplies. Waiting until an emergency happens to try and stock up on supplies can leave you in a vulnerable situation where you may end up a victim to price gauging or store stocks simply running out. Building good keto survival kits over time can be a lifesaver and help you economically as well when there is an emergency.

Of course you want to keep essentials handy like tools, water, first aid kits, shelter and weather gear, but food can be a challenging thing to prepare for if you are on a Keto diet. Most freeze dried meals or MRE’s are not Keto, and there are not many canned foods that are Keto either.

I’ve put together some products and links of items you can stock up on over time and build custom keto survival kits so that you can be ready to survive and thrive healthily through an emergency. You can make purchases over time, store in totes or other containers, and have a ready supply of food you can crack open when a situation calls for it. I even included links for emergency TP!

SuperFat pouches are great tasting nut butters that are shelf stable for quite a while unopened, and have a twist cap for resealing. 

Keto Survival Kits

Redmond’s Real Salt sea salt is an important survival staple as it helps with hydration, food preservation, and can even be used in first aid situations. For a discount off your order use this link and coupon code: carriebrown at checkout.

Sometimes having a bit of a treat in a time of crisis can have a fantastic psychological effect. Choc Zero makes a variety of chocolates that are individually wrapped and can be packed or stored for quite a while. For a discount on your order use this link and coupon code: carriebrown at checkout. Don’t forget the emotional element when building your keto survival kits.

Next Mile Meals Keto freeze dried backpacking meals. Shelf stable for years and easy to prepare.

If you are worried about potential gas leaks and do not want to use a fire source to heat your freeze dried meal, you can stock a few flameless heater bags that use a magnesium based chemical that reacts to water to create heat.

Keto Survival Kits

Keto Chow. Shelf stable, easy to prepare and nutrient dense. They also have a line of electrolytes that can also be a great addition too an emergency kit in order to stay hydrated. For a discount on your order use this magical link (no coupon required).

F-Bombs Nut Butters are shelf stable for a while. You will need to rotate stock occasionally. For a discount on your order use this link and coupon code: carriebrown at checkout.

Tokelau Coffee instant fat coffee with MCT is a great way to provide some quick calories. It’s also shelf stable for years.

Thrive Life freeze dried foods. While not a Keto line, individual ingredients can be purchased to make Keto meals, including freeze dried butter and cream.

Fire Team Whiskey is a veteran owned fitness and Keto company that is working to create replacements for the carb rich MRE with Keto MRE replacements.

Red Feather canned New Zealand butter. This butter can be shelf stable for years without refrigeration.

Bega canned European cheese.

Yoders Amish canned bacon.

Rep Provisions makes beef sticks and pecan butter. They source from farms that practice regenerative agriculture.

Paleo Valley makes great grass fed meat sticks that are fermented in order to be preserved. They also have freeze dried organ complex in a pill which can really help keep up your nutrient density.

Keto Survival Kits

Keto Bricks are delicious calorie and nutrient dense bricks of goodness, as well as being shelf stable, so perfect for road-tripping, hiking, back-packing, or just having on hand at home. Get your bricks here: These might be the best things in your keto survival kits.

Keto & Co makes Keto hot cereal and Sated brand Keto shakes that can be shelf stable and easily stored. They also have dried cauliflower rice and several other shelf stable products. The hot cereal is extremely packable because the small package actually makes a very large quantity of a very filling dish. For a discount on your order use this link.

Wild Zora is a dehydrated backpacking meal company that is not exactly Keto, but has some of the cleanest ingredients on the market.

Kettle and Fire makes really delicious bone broth and Keto soups that are shelf stable.

Epic Provisions makes several shelf stable products including bone broth and meat sticks, bars and jerky.

Pederson Farms single serve bacon.

Lanolife bone broth powder.

Laird Superfoods makes powdered creamer and other products that are shelf stable and nutrient dense.

The People’s Choice Keto/paleo friendly jerky.

Olive snack packs.

Chomps meat sticks.

Canned seafood.

Canned coconut milk and cream.



Pickled meats like sausages.

Pickled Eggs.

Coconut Manna.

Freeze Dried Egg Powder.

Pemmican. A Native American survival food, here is how to make it.

Emergency toilet paper.


For tips on your home pantry, check out this post. Also check out our Ingredients Guide and Equipment Guide.




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