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Almond Custard (+ VIDEO!)

Custard. Is there anyone that doesn’t like custard? I actually thought that custard was a fully British thing and that no one in America would care about there being such a thing as keto custard. Turns out I was wrong. And while one doesn’t really like being wrong, there’s times where being wrong opens up a while new avenue of awesome. Like being wrong about custard. So today I made you awesome custard. Awesome Almond Custard, to be precise.

Almond Custard | Carrie Brown

I also decided, while I was dreaming up the Awesome Almond Custard, that it would be super awesome if we could avoid all the night-sweats and terror that often accompany the making of custards.

Thus, I made you Infallible Awesome Almond Custard. Or Amazing Blender Almond Custard. And actually, you could even do this without a blender if you have a whisk and a bit of muscle in your whisking arm.

This Almond Custard is a breeze to make – it takes one minute longer than measuring out your ingredients – and then just needs a gentle warming on the stove top before you’ll have a jug full of hot, creamy, delicious custard to pour over your dessert. Or you can leave it to cool for a thicker cold custard that can be used either as a sauce or a dessert in it’s own right, or used as in ingredient in some other luscious recipe.

Almond Custard | Carrie Brown

Not using your custard immediately as a hot sauce? You can either leave it to cool completely in a large bowl or other container before covering and putting in the fridge, or you can pour it into single-serve baby Mason Jars or  baby Pyrex (so adorable!), cool, cover, and just whip one out as dessert when you need.

If you’ve been scared of custard-making all this time, this is your moment. Perfect Almond Custard shall be yours. In a matter of minutes. It really is super fast and easy and I urge you to get some made today.

Almond Custard

Author: Carrie Brown | Prep time: 3 mins | Cook time: 10 mins | Total time: 13 mins | Serves: 10 as a hot sauce, 6 – 8 as dessert

What You Need

What You Do

  1. Put the allulose or xylitol, sea salt, almond milk, almond extract and eggs into the blender and blend on low speed until completely blended.
  2. Turn the blender to it’s lowest speed and remove the center piece from the blender lid.
  3. Turn the blender speed up slowly just until a vortex is created and then tap the konjac and the guar gum through the hole in the lid.
  4. Blend for only 10 seconds.
  5. Pour the custard into a saucepan and warm over a low heat, stirring constantly, until the custard has thickened and coats the back of your spatula.
  6. Pour into a jug to use as a hot sauce immediately, or pour into a clean glass container and leave to cool completely before covering and storing in the fridge to use in other recipes or as a cold sauce.

Top Recipe Tips

  • Have your phone, iPad, or a book to hand when you’re ready to start warming and stirring. Unless you are one of those people who can be still and meditate in silence while stirring. I thoroughly recommend the latter, but realize that’s not a thing for many, and you can accomplish a lot online in 10 minutes while also stirring your custard. If you’re multi-tasking, don’t forget to keep that custard moving!
  • Once the custard has thickened to coat your spatula, turn the heat off. Heating eggs too high or for too long is never a good thing. They leak. They split. They just get ugly.
  • I do NOT recommend you using erythritol or erythritol blends in this recipe.

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  • Don’t. Just buy the correct ingredients and you, too, shall have a fabulous outcome!
  • Xylitol and allulose are the sweeteners I recommend because they work very well. I also recommend erythritol if allulose or xylitol give you issues, but erythritol can be tricky to use successfully. You can use any other sweetener you like, but I cannot guarantee the results if you choose to use something different. In low carb and keto baking sweeteners are generally not interchangeable if you want great results.

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  • LindaHi, will this thicken to a custard consistency as it cools or will it stay as a softer “sauce” consistency? ReplyCancel

    • carrieHi Linda! I am not sure how thick American custard normally thickens to. This cools to a much thicker – but still (just) pourable – sauce. Hope that helps!ReplyCancel

  • DonnaWill this technique work for making ice cream custard?  I have a terrible time trying to temper the eggs.  Someone needs to come out with a way to use the soup function on a Vitamix to temper eggs for ice cream base.ReplyCancel

  • Kelly BarringerIf I don’t have almond milk will the recipe flop with HWC? ReplyCancel