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Blackberry Almond Fool

If you do an internet search for ‘Fool’ or ‘Fruit Fool’ you would likely leave thinking that it’s just some kind of pureed fruit layered with whipped cream. I’m here to tell you, though, that ain’t no Fool. That’s a lazy way of making something that looks like a Fool, and possibly even feels like a Fool when you eat it. Nope, that’s not us. What we’re making here today is a proper Fool. One that is made with custard. And, because all the other berries seem to get loads of recipe love all the time, we’re making Blackberry Almond Fool.

Blackberry Almond Fool | Carrie Brown

Blackberries have – for some reason – been front and center at my local grocery stores this year, so I figured it was The Universe encouraging me to share some blackberry love with the keto world where typically there is only strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry love.

Around my parts the blackberries have not only been more plentiful but also cheaper than their other berry cousins, and when something is delicious, plentiful, AND cheap, you make hay while the sun shines. Or in this case you make Fool while the blackberries are cheap.

I hope this blackberry trend continues. Lower in carbs than both raspberries and blueberries, and only marginally higher in carbs than strawberries, having another flavor in our keto food arsenal is never a bad thing.

Blackberry Almond Fool | Carrie Brown

You may already have made the Infallible Awesome Almond Custard. AKA the Amazing Blender Almond Custard. You might en have some lolling in a vessel in your fridge, in which case this Blackberry Almond Fool is a super-easy – and stunningly pretty – win to your dinner table.

If you have yet to make the Almond Custard – let me assure you that it is a breeze to make. Once your custard and blackberry puree are completely cold, it’s just a matter of whipping some heavy cream and doing a spot of folding and layering.

Blackberry Almond Fool | Carrie Brown

This Blackberry Almond Fool is something very simple but quite gorgeous that would do equally well at a fancy soiree or a picnic on your own back lawn.

Even better – you can make the custard and blackberry puree days ahead of time. Meaning that on the day all you need do is whip that cream and spoon it all together. What could be easier?!

I did not make this super-sweet, so check out the Top Tips below if you think you or your peeps will want it really sweet.

With a container of Almond Custard on stand-by in your fridge and berries on hand you can get this beautiful and delicious dessert ready in a few minutes. This might just be your new go-to dessert!

Blackberry Almond Fool

Author: Carrie Brown | Prep time: 10 mins | Cook time: 10 mins | Total time: 20 mins (less if just assembling all the bits) | Serves: 6

What You Need

What You Do

  1. Put the blackberries in a small pan with the water and sweetener and stir well.
  2. Place the pan over a medium heat and bring the blackberries to a boil. Immediately turn the heat to low and simmer until berries are super soft.
  3. While whisking quickly with one hand, gently sprinkle the konjac flour evenly over the surface of the cooked berry syrup and continue whisking to incorporate all the konjac.
  4. Continue to heat and whisk the berry syrup for another minute until thickened, then remove from the heat, pour carefully into a glass storage container and allow to cool completely before covering and placing in the fridge.
  5. When you have your cold Almond Custard and cold blackberry syrup ready, place the heavy whipping cream and almond extract into a large, cold bowl and whip until the cream forms soft peaks.
  6. Spoon 2 cups of Almond Custard into your whipped cream and gently fold them together until completely mixed.
  7. Spoon some of the cream custard into glasses and then spoon blackberry syrup on top, continuing in layers until the glass is as full as you want it. You can either make very separate layers, or gently swirl the layers together as you go to create the marbled effect.
  8. Top with a couple of fresh blackberries. Add a sprig of fresh mint if you’re feelin’ fancy.

Top Recipe Tips

  • You can use other berries (they all pair well with almond) but you may need to adjust the sweetener a little either way to compensate for the differing natural sweetness of the various berries.
  • I deliberately did not make this Fool super sweet, since many folks on keto find they lose their sweet tooth, or want to lose their sweet tooth! You can add extra sweetener to the blackberry syrup if needed, and you can also add some powdered sweetener to the whipped cream before you whip it if you think you will need it to be sweeter.
  • Check out the video on ‘folding’ ingredients together!

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  • Don’t. Just buy the correct ingredients and you, too, shall have a fabulous outcome!
  • Xylitol and allulose are the sweeteners I recommend because they work very well. I also recommend erythritol if allulose or xylitol give you issues, but erythritol can be tricky to use successfully. You can use any other sweetener you like, but I cannot guarantee the results if you choose to use something different. In low carb and keto baking sweeteners are generally not interchangeable if you want great results.

Blackberry Almond Fool | Carrie Brown
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