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Breakfast | Sears Fine Foods, San Francisco

I’ll make this one quick.

Breakfast at Sears Fine Foods made it onto my list because it is a veritable institution in San Francisco.  And sometimes you just gotta do things just becauseJust because everyone else does, or just because everyone always has, or just because something has been around a gazillion years or just because your grandmother went there or just because they make little pancakes or just because it’s in every guide book about San Francisco know to man or just because…well…just because.

Sears Fine Foods: A San Francisco institution

And now, having been there, I can see no other reason to go to Sears for breakfast other than “just because”. 

The food was average, the prices were steep, the staff were arrogant & the service was clearly a chore.  On the upside, the food was warm, the prices were lower than New York, the staff didn’t yell at me & the service was timely.  There is always an upside…you just have to look for it.  I struggled to find an upside with the substance that arrived after I ordered a hot chocolate, but even then I found one:  it wasn’t cold.

An average Eggs Benedict & a luke warm chocolate flavored beverage

 The whole place was so dimly lit I had problems photographing anything, which is a shame because the best thing about Sears is the beautiful decor.  Unfortunately it was so dark inside you could barely see it.  And having been stuffed away in the back corner of the bar (well, you’re single, we don’t want you taking up a table for more than 1 person) the only thing I could see was the wall & the TV.  My neighbor, also relegated to the back bar for being single, did not want to talk.  I am quickly learning that San Francisco is not Seattle in terms of warm & fuzzy folk.

So here, lovely readers, for your viewing pleasure is another image of my Eggs Benedict.  I ate it quickly.  I did not eat the slab of potatoes that I suspect were intended to be hash browns.  I did not get a refill of lukewarm chocolate flavored beverage.

I am glad I went though.  It was an experience.  And now I can say that I’ve had breakfast at Sears Fine Foods in San Francisco.  And now I know that everyone goes “just because”.


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