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The Fatty Joe Show : Dave Feldman Bonus

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Dave Feldman joins Yogi to talk about his current research into cholesterol and lipids, as well as the science of heart and metabolic health. This is a little behind the scenes extra that captures a bit of Dave Feldman’s pre-show conversation with Yogi. They discuss fat loss, fasting, and some dietary approaches used to reach their goals.

Dave Feldman is a senior software engineer and entrepreneur who uses his engineering mindset to look at biological systems as a whole.  Dave explores how biological networks function and often finds data that contradicts our current way of thinking in regards to health and cholesterol.

Dave began a Low Carb High Fat diet in April 2015 and started researching everything he could about carbohydrate restriction and lipid function – with special emphasis on cholesterol – when his lipid numbers spiked substantially after going on the diet. As an engineer he spotted a pattern in the lipid system that’s very similar to distributed objects in networks.

Dave has since learned a ton on the subject – both through research and experimentation – which has revealed some very powerful data. With this new general theory Dave shifted around his cholesterol substantially without any drugs or special supplements of any kind.  Dave went on to create The Cholesterol Code website where he shares his research and helps others understand lipids in order to achieve better health goals.

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