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Breakfast | Cafe Presse

I know, I know.  Cafe PresseAgain??  Again. (sorry Thursday Night Bites!)

Cafe Presse has become my #1 go-to happy place when I want simple, comfortable, unpretentious.  Along with fantastic food.  And all for not a lot of money.  I *love* going to Cafe Presse.

Miss Connie & I randomly decided to head there today.  Bit of a spur of the moment thing really.  I think we both just needed some serious comfort.  It had been quite a week.

I went straight for my staple Cafe Presse breakfast:  Baked Eggs.  Miss Connie decided to check out the Croque Monsieur, having watched me eagerly devour mine the last time we were over.  She was drooling the entire time, so it was definitely time for her to experience one for herself.  We also shared a bowl of pommes frites.

I won’t repeat myself for the umpteenth time about their ambrosial Baked Eggs.  You’ve heard it all before.  If you’re new to Foodie Footnotes, you can catch up on previous Cafe Presse footnotes here.  And here.  And here.  Yeah, I’ve been here a few times in the last few months.

As always breakfast came along with {the most fabulous} baguette & butter outside of France.  If I remember correctly we scarfed our way through two of them.  And an appropriate quantity of butter.  I do love a beautiful chunk of baguette with my fresh, un-salted European butter.

We sat, for the first time, in the sun room out the back.  It was lovely.  Sunshine streaming in through the ample windows made for a particularly relaxing start to a weekend morning.

Then, out of the blue, as she is wont to do, Miss Connie pulled what has become known as “pulling a Miss Connie”.  Dessert.  Her flirtatious eye-lid batting at our adorable server was Oscar-worthy.  She was completely *determined* that dessert would be hers before we were leaving the building.

Miss Connie was wooed by the fresh, ripe peaches & cream.  Local peaches apparently picked about 30 seconds earlier.  From the look on her face I could tell that these peaches were special.  Peaches so fresh & juicy & flavorful that for a moment I thought Miss Connie was going to start banging on the table and yelling “Yes, yes, yes!”  Thankfully she didn’t, although I swear she really wanted to.

Whatever I wanted they were out of.  So I went with the coffee ice cream.  I think.  Something ice cream anyway.  Both the peaches & the ice cream came with a chocolate cookie, although I am not sure why.  Hey you know me, super picky when it comes to dessert; but Miss Connie was in her element which is all that really mattered.

If you been reading along & still haven’t been to Cafe Presse, please go.  If this is the first time you’ve heard me mention Cafe Presse…food this good deserves to be enjoyed by as many people as possible.  Give yourself a New Year’s treat – breakfast at Cafe Presse.  Your mouth will love you & so will your post-Holiday wallet.

Happy New Year!

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  • NI LOVE Cafe Presse! Can’t blame you for the repeat. :) And all their desserts come with a chocolate cookie. I’ve always wondered why.ReplyCancel