Don’t Tell Your Mother

Today unwittingly turned into a bit of a Diner Day.  First breakfast at Randy’s in Tukwila (the ultimate Seattle diner) & now XXX (warning: this link is noisy) in Issaquah.  And while they both might be diners they couldn’t be more different if they tried.  I had the dashing Sam with me at XXX.  Don’t tell his mother.  I was tasked with the “school run” while she was out of town for the weekend & I just figured it would be way more fun if we swung by XXX for Root Beer Floats on the way home.  I was right.  The school run was WAY more fun.

Just ask Sam.

I mean, how FUN is this for a ceiling?  This is the perfect place for someone with ADHD.  There’s enough stuff to look at to keep you engaged for days.  The whole place is filled to the brim with car stuff, Coke stuff, old stuff, crazy stuff, unique stuff & wild stuff.  My nephew Charlie is going to love this place.

Sam & I we weren’t hungry for food, but we really did want the real deal, the mother-of-all Root Beer Floats.

We got them: huge frosty glasses, Mr. Whippy (soft serve) ice cream & not-your-regular Root Beer.  Yum.

The staff are adorable.  The decor is fantastic.  The Root Beers are spendy.  Sam you’re totally worth it.

We had a ton of fun looking at all the memorabilia, listening to all the 70’s classics on the jukebox & twisting around on the bar stools.  We watched in amazement as burgers the size of Sam’s head appeared from the kitchen with mounds of chunky onion rings & shakes so thick the spoons stood up in them.  I really want to go back and take a burger for a test-drive next time I am in burger mode.

There were *lots* of signs all over the joint.  This was our favorite.

Hey, once a year won’t kill me.  And the experience was sure good for my morale, if not so much for my nutrition.

PS. Dear Sam’s Mom: I honestly thought that “doing the school run” was meant to include a trip to XXX to have Rootbeer Floats after I picked Sam up. Did I mis-understand or simply over-achieve??

XXX Root Beer Drive-in on Urbanspoon

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