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The Driving Forces behind Carrie Brown


Profoundly touch & influence my life.  I would not be here, or at this point in my life, without them:

Margaret Ambrose  |   Jonathan Bailor  |  Karen Ball  |  Richard Creagh  |  Art Dorval  |  Kim Hamilton  |  Amy Jensen  |  Robert ‘PJ’ Johnson  |  Jenna & Randy LaRose  |  Marc Levine   |   Rhett Maughan   |   Geoff Nyheim  |   Charlie Owen   |   Thane Slagowski   |   Matt Smith  |  Shawn Waldron  |  Christian Wylde



Endlessly encourage & empower me to share my passion with the world:

Alisen Peterson & Duane Blanchard  |  Ross & Edith Brown  |  Jeff James  |   Jen Meehan   |  Deanna Morauski  |  Bob Neal   |   Larry & Susan Shaw   |   Michaela Van Putten   |   Lorrie Walter



Have freely shared their time, talent, expertise & /or resources to help me fulfill my passions:

Neil Enns   |   Michelle Fusman   |   Jon Gallant   |   Catherine Grisez   |   Dustin Knievel   |   Diane Maehl   |   Michael Mahoney   |  Ted Naiman  |   Mindy Redd   |   Natasha Reed   |   Brandon Rudd   |   Becky & Justin Schoen   |   Bala Sivakumar


Passionate about: life, making interesting & beautiful photographic images, driving, discovering new places, getting up to see the sunrise, inspiring others, food – particularly creating scrumptious uber-healthy recipes to help others be slimmer and healthier

Passionate about making images of: food, landscapes, trees, old barns, fences, old vehicles, shorelines, fog, wood, (my) feet, animals, mailboxes

Passionate about having made images here in 2008 /9 /10:  Crater Lake Oregon, Yosemite California, Grand Tetons Wyoming, Southern Utah, Northern New Mexico, Bora Bora French Polynesia, England, Yellowstone Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Mount Hood Oregon, Southern Florida, BC & Alberta Canada, England, Monument Valley Utah, New York, Atlanta Georgia, San Francisco California, Chicago Illinois, Southern Arizona

Passionate about having made images here in 2011:  Southern California, Denver Colorado, Rocky Mountain Colorado, England, Grand Canyon Arizona

Passionate about having made images here in 2012:  San Francisco California, Atlanta Georgia, Savannah Georgia, Charleston South Carolina, Nashville Tennessee, Olympic Peninsula Washington

Passionate about having made images here in 2013:  San Francisco & Solvang California, New Orleans Louisiana, Houston Texas, Atalanta Georgia



I don’t have a ton of expensive gear (ok, well compared to a $100 point-&-shoot, I do).  Gear doesn’t make great pictures.  Gear just helps make it easier.

You still need to be in the right place at the right time, know what all the knobs & buttons do & when to use which ones, understand lighting & composition, have a good “eye”, be willing to look really quite foolish in public at times by lying down in places where people don’t normally lie down, standing on things that may not have been intended to be stood on, balancing precariously off of various objects & pointing your camera at things that no one else would ever dream of making a photograph of.   And, of course, the knack of pressing the {big} button at just the right moment.  You also have to be willing to get up when everyone else is sleeping & be outside lying in a field or hanging off a mountain when everyone else is eating dinner & chillin’ out.

Gear just makes it easier in the making:  if you’re photographing wildlife & you don’t have a 600 mm piece of glass, you’ve got to get pretty close to get the same result.  You can still get the shot, but you might get eaten in the process.  An expensive piece of glass will make it easier to avoid being eaten.

There’s plenty of people who have expensive gear who can’t make a great photograph to save their lives.  There’s also plenty of people who make great photographs with the simplest & cheapest gear.  It’s more about YOU than the gear.


Nikon D750   |   Nikon 28 – 300 f3.5  VR  |  Nikon 105  f2.8 Micro VR 

GoPro HERO 4

SB600 Flash   |   Singh-Ray ND Grad Filters

Really Right Stuff BH-55 Ballhead   |   Gitzo GT3541LS Systematic 6X Carbon Fiber Tripod


Friend: Wow!  Those are great photos.  You must have a really good camera.

Carrie: Yeah, I do.  And that was a fantastic meal you just cooked.  You must have really good pots.


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  • Karen WrightYou are such a refreshing talent!! Who’d have known the ‘chocolate’ guru could shoot!! Congratulations on this marvelous site and following the feet of your passion. May you find your beauty hanging on many, many walls!ReplyCancel

  • Maria TooleDearest beautiful and talented friend…you ROCK! this is just amazing! We are so proud of you :) Most we are proud you are in our life. Love ya! Maria and Mike TooleReplyCancel

  • Carrie Lynn BrownPerusing the web and researching ideas for my own personal website, I came upon your domain…Wow! This is an amazing masterpiece!

    I noticed you planned on visiting the Grand Canyon, but I don’t see the photos! If for some reason you skipped the Grand Canyon, but still want to visit send me a note. I currently live at the grand canyon, and work in the kitchen (trainer, now turned baker.) I could offer a tent, free entry into the park, tours, foodie knowledge…If you are interested in visiting Arizona sometime soon.ReplyCancel

  • Tina KuhnlineThank you for sharing your adventures around the west recently with us. I loved seeing the photos of places I love.ReplyCancel

  • MeriHave actually been taking little over a month.ReplyCancel