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Things That Make You Go Mmmm…

Fabulous food is one of the things in life that will make me go “Mmmm…”.  I just *love* eating, and eating breakfast out has got to be one of my favorite things to do.  Happy taste-buds, first thing in the morning, will pretty much guarantee a happy day.  OK, so yes, I’m just a pretty happy soul most all of most every day, but add a dish of deliciousness upfront & there’ll likely be a smile as wide as the ocean all day long.

A few weeks ago, when I wrote about my 20 faves from the Big Breakfast Adventure, I was reminded by a cluster of lovely readers that there have been a bunch of breakfast places that I’ve noshed at over the last year that did not appear in Seattle Magazine’s 55 Best Breakfasts in Seattle article…so missing the chance to be included in my list.  To set the record straight, here are my 10 favorite breakfast places from the last year that {very pleasantly} sidetracked me from my Big Breakfast Adventure.

There’s been a lot of things that have made me go “Mmmm…” this past year & a bit.  An {awful} lot of them have been food, and these are 10 of them.  If you’ve not been out to breakfast lately, I thoroughly recommend swinging your legs off the side of the mattress & heading out for a dish of something delicious at one of these fine establishments.

A mammoth menu, the infamous Breakfast Happy Hour & some truly unique & delicious food – all to be found on Lower Queen Anne @ Toulouse Petit.  Get there early or you’ll be waiting for an hour.  Their Bacon-wrapped Duck Pate Eggs Benedict is simply swoon-inducing.

Toulouse Petit Breakfast Review

Toulouse Petit on Urbanspoon

I totally wasn’t expecting fabulous food this far out of town.  Who knew Duvall could rock the Seattle breakfast scene?  You’ll find a fantastic Steak & Eggs @ The Grange Cafe, as well as a rockin’ Meatball Sandwich.  Make a reservation.  Yes.  For breakfast in Duvall.

The Grange Cafe Breakfast Review

Grange Cafe on Urbanspoon

Want delicious, creative, unique, organic grub?  Then head over to Emmer&Rye for tasty treats not found anywhere else.  Plus desserts to die for.  Hint: get the chocolate brownie.

 Emmer&Rye Breakfast Review

emmer&rye on Urbanspoon

The Lemon Pound Cake @ Boat Street Cafe totally blew my skirt up.  The rest of the food was fantastic French cooking at it’s finest.  Since they don’t take reservations, you’ll need to get in the line (queue) early.  The upside – they give you & the gaggle of other eager diners free coffee while you wait for them to open.

Boat Street Cafe Breakfast Review

Boat Street Cafe on Urbanspoon

Chic & beautiful, the 35th Street Bistro is a perfect place for a leisurely weekend brunch.  Their Mac ‘n’ Cheese should be legendary, their Benedicts are divine.  The location is also perfect for all things Fremont.

35th Street Bistro Breakfast Review

35th Street Bistro Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Oooh la la!  Not only does the food taste great but they sure do know how to make it look beautiful.  Everything about Luc in Madison Park just rocks.  They also have a striking server with a voice that, if you’re a girl, will make you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.

Luc Breakfast Review

Luc on Urbanspoon

It’s a diner, but hey, they make some of the best French Toast in town.  Their Cherry French Toast almost knocked my socks off with the first bite.  If you’re after a seriously yummy carb-fest…head over to 5 Spot.  And I know I am beginning to sound like a broken record here, but get there early.  There will be a {long} line.

5 Spot Breakfast Review

5 Spot on Urbanspoon

If I were dishing up an award for the single most beautiful breakfast in Seattle, it would go to Trellis over in Kirkland.  Not just good-looking though…one of my favorite breakfasts of the year.  Fantastic food, most of which Chef Brian grows on his own farm.

Trellis Breakfast Review

Trellis on Urbanspoon

If you’re looking for the ultimate Diner / Dive Bar to head off that hangover, or you just want a huge plate of greasy spoon nosh, you can’t beat The Mecca Cafe.  Their Salmon Saute will keep you full for days.  And who knows, you might even bump into a {very} dashing dog.

The Mecca Breakfast Review

Mecca Cafe on Urbanspoon

Just because Twisted Cork is in a hotel (Hyatt, Bellevue), doesn’t mean they don’t serve up delicious food for breakfast.  Their twisted version of Eggs Benedict will start your day off right, even though the interior feels like a nightclub.

Twisted Cork Breakfast Review

Twisted Cork on Urbanspoon

 Whatever style of food or restaurant you’re looking for, you’ll find something in one of these 10 to make your mouth melt & your heart beat a little faster.  All 10 of them did it for me.  I’ve run into some seriously scrumptious stuff lately.

Which ever of these you head to, you can be sure of a mighty fine plate of nosh to start your day.

Bon appetit!

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