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I Had My Cake & Ate Them (All) Too

A couple of days ago it was my birthday.  I was swanning across Colorado & Utah that day – driving through incredible scenery on a brilliantly blue-sky, sunshiny day.  It was an awesome birthday, despite the fact there was no cake involved.  When I got back to Seattle, one of the first things I did was to have breakfast with one of my favorite people.  Fabulous friend that she is, she turned up to breakfast with a box of birthday cupcakes, all for me.  I ate every last one, all on my own.  They were completely delicious, which, if you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you will know is an insanely good compliment since I am not really a huge cupcake devotee.

I have never had a Trophy Cupcake before.  Now I’ve had 4.  If I am ever in need of cupcakes, Trophy is where I’ll be headed.  I love that Trophy cupcakes are not the size of a 12 oz Filet Mignon.  I love that Trophy cupcakes taste like cake, not any number of strange chemicals with unpronounceable names that I certainly have no desire to pump around my veins.  I love that Trophy cupcakes frosting doesn’t taste like some hydrogenated oil that was produced in a lab instead of in the cells of a plant.  I love that I could tell what flavor each Trophy cupcake was without knowing in advance.  That lemon, oh boy, it tasted exactly like, well, fresh lemon.  Love that.

Moist, tender, flavorful.

I ate 3 of my cupcakes in one afternoon.  I neither felt like an overinflated inner-tube or a pregnant hippo afterwards.  My mouth didn’t wind up wondering what in the world I had been thinking.  My brain didn’t spend the entire evening berating itself over my shameless self-indulgence.  Trophy Cupcakes:  ALL GOOD.

If you are a Cupcake fanatic – the following images may well make you either love me or hate me.  I am good either way.


Vanilla Chocolate

Chocolate Hazelnut

Chocolate Salted Caramel

Since I was around 14, once the pastry-cheffing talents I was inherently born with became apparent, nobody would make me a birthday cake anymore.  If I wanted birthday cake, I had to make it.  Not surprisingly then, I’ve had a pretty birthday cake-less life.

Michelle Fusman, you TOTALLY made my day, probably even my week.  In terms of birthday cake, I think you made my decade.  I got birthday cake in 2011, and I didn’t have to make it.  Do you even know what that means to me?  I don’t think I even have close to the words.  So I’ll just say: You ROCK.

Trophy Cupcakes & Party on Urbanspoon Trophy Cupcakes and Party on Urbanspoon Trophy Cupcakes and Party (Bellevue) on Urbanspoon

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  • BobI bet you ate the lemon one first!!! I know I would have, and please thank Michelle for driving Cb’s birthday cakes around for miles ! “Drive carefully, there’s a cake in the back”!!ReplyCancel

    • cbAh, the days of driving everyone else’s birthday / wedding / christmas / easter / anniversary / whatever the heck other occasion cakes to them :-)ReplyCancel

  • DeannaTwo of each, please. Simply loverly!ReplyCancel

  • A Tropical Stampede - the launch of a new Trophy Cupcake flavor[…] have my cake and eat it more than I did after I ate that particular cupcake.  Except for maybe the Lemon Cupcake I had back last […] ReplyCancel