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It is entirely unfathomable to me how I could possibly have lived in Seattle for 5 years & been unaware that the best milkshakes ever crafted by human hands this side of The Big Dipper are actually made in Magnolia.  I swear I will never drink a milkshake from any other establishment ever again.  What would be the point?  Knowing, as I do now, that all other milkshakes would only be a disappointment, at best; and a disaster, at worst.

It’s remarkable that I even had one today.  It was meant to be.  I went for a burger.  And then, as I was packing up to leave, I glanced at the menu board & there were all these tantalizing milkshakes listed there.  I’d heard that the power had just come back on at my house after 3 days of lights out & no heat, so I wanted to celebrate.  And I hadn’t had a milkshake in ages.  So I approached the counter & had this exchange with the long-haired, doe-eyed young lass behind the counter.


cb: Tell me about your milkshakes.

Server: They’re good.  If you are watching your weight, maybe you don’t want one though.

cb: Calories don’t matter.

Server: They’re rich.

cb: I like rich.  Cherry or Lemon Chiffon?

Server: I love the Lemon Chiffon.

cb: Is it very lemony?

Server: Yes.  We squeeze the lemons ourselves.

cb: Excuse me??  You squeeze the lemons yourself?  You mean real lemons?  Lemons that used to hang on trees?

Server: Yes.


Red Mill Burgers (Interbay) on Urbanspoon Red Mill Burgers (Phinney Ridge) on Urbanspoon

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