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Here’s Some More

Hello, friends.

If you’ve been around for a while (THANK YOU!), you’ll remember that when this whole blogette got started it was all about eating adventures around Seattle – restaurant reviews – if you will.  Over time it morphed into eating episodes elsewhere.  Then the travel adventures and photography crept in, and now…now there’s all these recipes, made at home, in my own kitchen.

While I still love eating out, there’s a limit to the amount of it I can do, as well as whizzing around the world shooting stuff, and staying home to cook.  You’ll have noticed that the number of restaurant reviews has slowed somewhat.  Since I take your foodie well-being very seriously, I thought I would share with you some other sources for restaurant reviews to fill in the gaps.

There’s no better place to start than with the Top 10 Restaurant Bloggers in Seattle: my blogging buddies around town.  These fabulous roving foodie folks make up the Top 10 because they have written about more restaurants in Seattle than anyone else, and between them they must cover just about anywhere you might want to head for some nosh.


Absinthe and Oranges – Kid icarus has been crushing eggplant wizards since his formative years in the Bay Area, CA. He fell in love with Seattle a really long time ago and thinks this town is rocking some of the greatest cuisine in the country.

Cornichon – Tasting notes and culinary dispatches.  Crisp, crunchy words typed fresh daily.  Food, events, wine, travel – a veritable feast of life.

Culinary Fool – Creating at home. Eating out. Wine tasting. Culinary adventures in Seattle and around the world.  Brenda serves up restaurant reviews, great recipes, wine and travel, along with lovely photographs.

Food Fascination – When eating is your hobby.  Recipes galore and a healthy smattering of restaurant reviews.

Gastrolust – Jay is a freelance food writer and gastronaut—global explorer of things gourmet and, well, not-so-gourmet.  Jay is also a freelance sex educator…in case you’re wondering why there are so many posts about the connections between sex and food!

Marmalade and Mileposts – Oh.  That’s me.  Tales of food, travel & adventure from a splendid single life.  Plus a whole bunch of photographs.

Natasha Reed Foodography – Natasha is stinkin’ awesome.  Weddings, events and an awful lot of cookies.  Plus fantastic photographs.  Altogether fabulous.

The Tofu Hunter – Vegetarian restaurant reviews around Seattle and beyond.

Thursday Night Bites – Noel chronicles her (mainly downtown) Thursday restaurant adventures…because no one really loves Thursday, and she decided to make the long road to the weekend a little bit easier by giving Thursday its own purpose.  Plus, she’s adorable.

What Would Alix Do? – Need a restaurant or event venue recommendation? Have an etiquette dilemma or maybe just a random question? Ask Alix.


Feeling hungry?  Check them out!

Sweetbreads at Book Bindery, Seattle



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