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Smoked Salmon Baked Eggs

Baked Eggs.  Ah, the very thought of them puts me in a head-spin. So I changed it up a little to give you Smoked Salmon Baked Eggs – all your keto favorites in one gorgeous little dish of yum.

If you’ve read any of my pre-keto restaurant review posts you cannot have escaped the fact that I think Baked Eggs are The Bomb.  And, thankfully, because Baked Eggs are in themselves keto, I still get to go to my Happy Place and sit on an aging pine bar stool in the window of Cafe Presse in Seattle and eat the best Baked Eggs this side of Paris.

Smoked Salmon Baked Eggs


Baked Eggs have been one of my faves as long as I can remember.  My mother used to make them every once in a while – only on a Sunday though – and I looked forward to those Sundays more than any other.  I have never forgotten how happy this dish made me, although I couldn’t explain to you why such a simple thing caused me such joy.  My mother made them in small, round, fluted, pretty pink dishes – I expect she still has them tucked away in a cupboard somewhere.  While the eggs were baking in the oven she would grill (broil) bacon and then chop the rashers (slices) into pieces that she scattered on top of the eggs when they were done.  My boat was well and truly floated every single time she made these. But she never varied the way she made them. I, on the other hand, wanted to add one of my favorite foods – so I came up with Smoked Salmon Baked Eggs.

Smoked Salmon Baked Eggs

Smoked Salmon Baked Eggs

















I decided – since folks in the keto / low carb world I trust are forever extolling the endless virtues of salmon – that it was high-time I introduced you to the love of my life, but with salmon instead of my mother’s grilled bacon.  I mean, I love bacon, but I also love smoked salmon.  In this recipe I am referring to the smoked salmon that is called Lox in the US – that pinky-orange, thinly sliced salmon that Americans love to slap between two halves of bagel with a generous dollop of cream cheese.

Smoked Salmon Baked Eggs

These Smoked Salmon Baked Eggs are more assembly than anything else, and takes just a few minutes to throw together before you sling them in the oven to get on with the whole baked part.  I confess I have made these practically every weekend since I tried them out a few months back.  They just make me supremely happy.  I hope you feel the same way.


Smoked Salmon Baked Eggs

Author: Carrie Brown | Prep time:  5 mins   |   Cook time:  15 mins  |   Total time:  20 mins  |  Serves: 1

What You Need

  • ½ TBSP butter
  • 3 TBSP heavy cream
  • 2 oz / 55g chopped smoked salmon (lox)
  • Sea salt and pepper
  • 2 tsp fresh chives
  • 2 eggs


What You Do
  1. Grease a small ramekin dish with butter.
  2. Put cream in bottom of dish.
  3. Spread salmon on bottom of dish, sprinkle with chives and season.
  4. Crack eggs carefully over the salmon.
  5. Place dish in a baking pan with water half way up the sides of the ramekin dish.
  6. Bake for 15 minutes at 350 F until eggs are just cooked.


Top Recipe Tips

  • For more than one person just repeat the ingredients in each dish.
  • Shorten or lengthen the cooking time to get your perfect mix of runny or hard yolks.
  • Always try and buy fresh pasteurized cream, not ultra-pasteurized. UP cream has gums and / or carrageenan and / or other things added to stabilize.


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  • Don’t. Just buy the correct ingredients and you, too, shall have a fabulous outcome!
  • Use your favorite herbs and seasonings to change it up. Dill works especially well with salmon.


Smoked Salmon Baked Eggs




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  • Claudia OwenHi Carrie, I haven’t tired this one yet, but I will before the week is up. It sounds just wonderful, and I’m ready for something different for breakfast! I think I know the answer, but I have to ask because I’m just not sure. I have so many recipes that call for heavy cream. But, the only thing I can find is heavy whipping cream. Are they the same thing? Or, Can you tell me what I should be looking for and where I should look for it? Thank you!!ReplyCancel

    • carrieHi Claudia – it looks like you are in the US, so that is a surprising question since up here in WA we have Heavy Cream galore. Whipping cream will do fine, it has slightly less fat % and is not quite as thick but you won’t notice a difference. Anyone else reading this outside of the US, Heavey Cream = Double Cream. Hope that helps! I keep forgetting to put the translations in :-(ReplyCancel

  • Claudia OwenThank you, Carrie. Yes, I’m in the US. Kansas to be exact. Sorry, I forgot to mention that. There is a local dairy farm that I am going to check out. I bet I can find fresh, heavy cream there. Can’t wait for some of your upcoming recipes. You make going SANE so much fun!!ReplyCancel

  • StephanieHi Carrie,
    I just made these this morning and the flavor was delicious (no surprise there), but I’m wondering about the texture. Is it supposed to be soupy, or did I do something wrong? I cooked it a little longer than you said simply because under-cooked eggs are not my thing.ReplyCancel

  • carrieMy guess is that your oven is not calibrated the same as mine so the temperatures were different, or myabe you baked them in the center of the oven instead of the top which can be a not insignificant difference in temp. 15 minutes is a guide – you should bake them until the eggs are the firmness you prefer. Hope that helps! Brits tend to like their eggs on the softer side :-)ReplyCancel

  • evelynThis was incredible!! Thank you so much Carrie for all your incredible recipes!!ReplyCancel

  • carrieThanks Evelyn – so glad you loved them :-)ReplyCancel

  • LorrieThis is a new favorite!ReplyCancel

  • 10 Low-Carb Foods That Are High in Potassium - Nutrition Advance[…] Brown has an unbelievable looking recipe for ‘Smoked Salmon Baked Eggs’ which makes use of eggs, salmon, chives, cream, and […]ReplyCancel

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