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Who knew?

Last weekend saw the last episode of the Big Breakfast Adventure that started just over a year ago.  I am still not quite sure how I feel about getting to the end of having eaten all 55 Best Breakfasts in Seattle.  And because I am not sure how I feel I decided to stay firmly in denial that it is even over, and headed out to my most often-eaten-at breakfast spot of the last 58 weeks: Cafe Presse.

It’s funny.  I’ve been lambasted for posting about the same restaurant more than once, and yet, having posted about Cafe Presse – oh at least 6 times or more – it is (by far) the most requested place to go by friends wanting to have breakfast with me.  Funny that.  Who knew?

So on Saturday, not wanting to feel lost without my trusty Seattle Magazine to guide me, I took my BFF – a virgin Cafe Presser – there for her first time.  But you know what?  I am going to hold all the chatter & just post the shots.  You all know what I think about Cafe Presse.  And if you’re new to my little bloglet…1. Welcome!  Thank you for stopping by and  2.  You can read all about my previous Cafe Presse exploits here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

The single finest cup of Chocolat Chaud ($5) I have had in Seattle.  In America, now I think about it.

Croque Monsieur ($6), Oeufs et Jambon (Baked Eggs) ($7.50) & Pommes Frites ($4).

Rhubarb Something-or-other ($5)

Chocolate Something-or-other ($5)

 Chocolat Chaud ($5)

I am {entirely} unrepentant about my repeated trips to Cafe Presse.  Entirely.  And I will keep going.  Repeatedly.  There is nowhere else that I have found that makes Chocolat Chaud & Oeufs et Jambon like they do.  And I simply love eating them there.

Cafe Presse *rocks*.

Café Presse on Urbanspoon

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