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The Monday Memo # 9

This is going to be the shortest Monday Memo to date.  Here’s a helicopter view:

  • It rained a lot.  A LOT.  I mean, a LOT.  Aqua-planing while driving up and down hills kind of a lot.
  • I was asked if I would consider being the cover story for an Australian e-magazine.  Still pinching myself over that one.
  • I talked to my landscaper.  This may not seem too exciting, so you’ll have to trust me when I tell you – THIS IS HUGELY EXCITING!!!
  • I attended a Holiday Dinner with 15 other people at a fantastic restaurant in Seattle and my mouth was staggeringly happy for the whole 4½ hours.
  • I wore odd socks to the Doctor’s office, but not intentionally.  I also wondered why you have to get weighed when you go to have your ear examined.
  • I got two ear infections – in the same ear.  Because heaven forbid that I would do a half-a**ed job of getting an ear infection.
  • I talked to my mother for hours, mainly because my father went into hospital and doesn’t appear to know who my mother is anymore.  We’re all hoping it’s just a crazy infection that has made him temporarily very confused.
  • I made a ridiculous number of batches of Triple Threat Almond Cookies and Coconut Scones.  I spent half the weekend thinking my cookie dough was possessed and the other half thinking my cookies were trying to kill me.  I still think they may be the death of me.

Here’s stuff I made and ate and wrote about last week, in case you missed them:Leek and Pear Soup

 Leek and Pear Soup – because leeks are awesome.

Smoked Salmon Baked Eggs

Smoked Salmon Baked Eggs – rich, decadent, special breakfast.  Or lunch, you choose.

Cheesy Pea Shoot Scramble

Cheesy Pea Shoot Scramble – A simple twist to scrambled eggs.  Get those greens in!


My favorite reader email of the week came all the way from Australia.  The mother of two adorable children snapped these as they happily chowed down on my Beet and Tarragon Soup.  That baby girl absolutely loved it, according to her mum.  She also adores scarfing down Strawberry Seed Porridge every day.  Way to go, Nancy!  Get ’em started SANE young!








My favorite giggle of the week goes to my mother, who said to me, after giving me the ingredients and quantities for her inSANE Coconut Scone recipe, “Do you know the method for making scones?”  Out of the mouths of the elderly.


The Bailinator and I podcasted while he ate Creamy Peanut Butter Mousse.

EPISODE 24: The Myth of Quick Fixes

You can listen to all the podcast episodes right here, or if you have an iTunes account you can head here.

All iTunes, Facebook and Amazon love is very gratefully received!



Stuff I made and ate and will write about in the coming couple weeks. You mentioned that you like a preview to the movie. I aim to please.

Triple Threat Almond Cookies

Triple Threat Almond Cookies

Sauteed Pea Soup

Sautéed Pea Soup
Chocolate Yogurt Supreme
Chocolate Yogurt Supreme
Leftover Turkey Casserole
Leftover Turkey Casserole
Very Berry Rice Pudding
Very Berry Rice Pudding
Oven Bacon and Eggs
Oven Bacon and Eggs
Two Time Tomato Soup
Two Time Tomato Soup
Green Smoothie - Pear Cashew Cream
Green Smoothie – Pear Cashew Cream
Tomato Basil Biscuits
Tomato Basil Biscuits
Broccoli and Red Pepper Quiche Cups
Broccoli and Red Pepper Quiche Cups
Turkey Tarragon Baked Eggs
Turkey Tarragon Baked Eggs
Chocolate Hazelnut Granola
Chocolate Hazelnut Granola
Seriously Green Soup
Seriously Green Soup
Green Smoothie Raspberry Almond
Green Smoothie – Raspberry Almond
Oeufs Plats (Baked Eggs)
Oeufs Plats (Grilled Eggs and Ham)
Tomato Salad Soup
Tomato Salad Soup


“None can escape the fact that we become, to a large degree, what we think. Think little, believe little, act little, and the results will be little. Think big, believe big, act big, and the results will be big.”   ― Anon.

Happy Monday!


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