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Sausage Mushroom Bake

After making pretty much nothing but staggeringly healthy, fat-burning ice cream for the last 5 6 7 8 weeks, I was desperate for a slap-up, protein-and-fat-filled breakfast this morning.  For reasons that I can’t quite put my finger on, I could get neither sausages nor mushrooms out of my mind.  I’ve found it’s often just easier to go with the flow on these things, although if I’m fixated on Pringles, jet-puffed marshmallows, or watching re-runs of Law and Order SVU, I don’t recommend going with the flow as a course of action.  Since {most} sausage and mushrooms are good for both the soul and the stomach, I let my mind take me where it would.  We ended up at Sausage Mushroom Bake.

Sausage Mushroom Bake |

If you’ve been here a while you’ll know all too well that I remain confused about American dish-naming conventions and never quite know what to call things.  I am sure this is nothing like the bake that you might be expecting, but I remain mostly unrepentant.  This bake has sausage, mushrooms, and a clutch of eggs in, plus a few bits of this and that to jazz it up.  All you really need to know is that this Sausage Mushroom Bake tastes fantastic and will keep you full for hours.

It’s like quiche without the crust, but it’s firm enough to slice into whatever shape takes your fancy.  It’s hearty, filling, and impossibly tasty.  It’s also handy to understand that you can eat it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and not feel like you’re eating it at the wrong meal.

And let me tell you – it cured my desperation in just 3 forkfuls.  It’s crammed full of veggies, but you wouldn’t know it.  If you have mushroom detractors in your posse, try them with this – I marveled at how you don’t get that typical mushroom texture or flavor when it’s surrounded by swathes of scrumptious sausage.

Sausage Mushroom Bake |

If you take it into work and are able to warm it in the microwave, be prepared for your coworkers to start drifting over to you. The first time I took this into the office I could have sold my lunch 23 times over.  For breakfast, eat it alongside half a green smoothie.  For lunch or dinner add some steamed veggies or a gorgeous salad.

If you’re making it for a breakfast feast, get your Sausage Mushroom Bake ready the night before, cover and keep in the ‘fridge overnight.  Just sling it in the oven after you stumble out of bed, and then go and have your shower.  A fabulous weekend breakfast will be waiting for you when you get out.  Way to start the weekend!

PS. When buying ground sausage (sausage meat) – especially in the US – read the label.  Those pesky food people have a habit of sneaking all sorts of icky crap into it that we don’t need, and don’t want.  By all means buy seasoned sausage, just make sure those seasonings don’t include artificial garbage and sugars of any kind.


Sausage and Mushroom Bake

Author: Carrie Brown | Prep time:  15 mins   |   Cook time:  35 mins    |   Total time:  50 mins   |   Serves: 4 – 6

What You Need

  • 1 TBSP coconut oil or avocado oil
  • 10 oz / 280g onion, chopped
  • 1 lb / 450 g ground sausage (sausage meat)
  • 1 lb / 450g mushrooms, cut into chunks
  • 10 eggs
  • 1/4 cup / 2 fl oz heavy (double) cream
  • 2 TBSP fresh sage, finely chopped
  • Sea salt and black pepper to taste
  • 1 oz / 30 g cheese, grated

What You Do

  1. Heat the oil in a large skillet (frying pan) over medium heat.
  2. Add the chopped onions and cook until transparent, stirring often.
  3. Add the sausage and break up in the pan, stirring well with the onions.
  4. Cook the sausage meat until it is lightly browned.
  5. Add the mushroom chunks and cook for 2 minutes, stirring well.
  6. Remove from the heat and turn into a casserole or baking dish that has been sprayed with coconut oil or avocado oil.
  7. In a bowl, whisk the eggs together well with the cream, chopped sage, sea salt and black pepper.
  8. Pour the egg mixture over the sausage meat and veggies in the dish.
  9. Evenly sprinkle the grated cheese over the top of the mixture.
  10. Bake in the center of the oven at 375 F for about 35 minutes, until the top is golden brown and a skewer poked into the middle comes out clean.


Top Recipe Tips

  • Save time (and tears!) by buying onions pre-chopped.
  • For dairy-free use thick coconut milk instead of cream, and omit the cheese.


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  • Deb SandersThis recipe looks fabulous . Will try it soon.
    Just got home from a week long trip,to the Keys and had your Ice Cream book waiting for me. Didn’t even unpack before I got right down to reading it. Already placed an order thru Amazon for a few Ingredients Ill need. I will be making sane ice cream by Wednesday:). So excited for you and me as well!ReplyCancel

    • carrieGO, Deb! I am so excited for you to have fabulous ice cream and still stay SANE!!!ReplyCancel

  • HelenOoh, this looks really good! How long will it keep? I I made some on a Sunday, could I get a few breakfast portions through the week from it?

    Thanks for a great site!ReplyCancel

    • carrieYes, Helen – it will be fine in a sealed container in the ‘fridge for at least 4 days. Let us know how you like it!ReplyCancel

  • JillThanks Carrie! This was delish. A nice change for breakfast!ReplyCancel

  • KateCan you recommend any “safe” sausage brands? I am not sure I know of any that don’t add a bunch to theirs. THanks!ReplyCancel

    • carrieHi Kate – not sure where you are located, but I use almost exclusively Trader Joe’s sausages. They have many varieties and are not filled with artificial junk or sugar. I don’t shop in regular grocery stores much so am not an expert in top brand sausages. Read the labels and pick the best. Hope that helps!ReplyCancel

  • PipIt looks yum but what exactly is “sausage”? Sorry, but I’m not quite sure that American sausage and Australian sausages are the same thing! Is it just minced beef or do you buy sausages in skins and squeeze them out? Thanks!ReplyCancel

    • carrieHi Pip – it is sausage meat (minced pork) that I used. You could squeeze sausages out of their skins if you wanted, but that seems like work if you can get plain sausage meat. Hope that helps!ReplyCancel

  • RoseHello Carrie and everyone!

    I’m doing my Sunday cooking for the week and wanted to report in on my variant of the Sausage Bake goodness. I didn’t have some ingredients (um, like sausage *and* mushroom…) so I followed the recipe but instead of sausage I used 4 buffalo meat patties and 10 strips of thick cut bacon, diced up all the meat. In lieu of mushrooms I used two squash thinly sliced. (I had squash b/c I’d planned to test out spaghetti squash… only to discover there is an actual veg called “spaghetti squash”, not just regular squash. But I digress…)

    Baked the buffalo meat patties in the toaster oven and fried the bacon. Removed the bacon and cooked down the onion and squash in the bacon grease. The rest was the same. I’m happy to report the thinly sliced squash has an au gratin potato quality to it, which is awesome.

    Happy Dec 16th week!!ReplyCancel

  • Brian MilbyI just made this on Sunday and enjoyed it quite a bit. I ended up using a 9×13 dish and doubled the cheese (it seemed like not enough initially). The only bad thing is that my daughter doesn’t like mushrooms and she made it known.ReplyCancel

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