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The Fatty Joe Show : Moises Reyes

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Moises Reyes, a future competitor on The American Ninja Warrior TV show, joins Yogi to talk about how he overcame his rheumatoid arthritis using a whole-foods-based ketogenic diet. Moises has overcome a lot in his life and he is here to tell his story and inspire others.

At 29 years of age, Moises Reyes has been battling Rheumatoid Arthritis, an auto-immune condition, that nearly cost him his dream of becoming a competitor on the American Ninja Warrior TV show.  Moises was training for the show when he was diagnosed in 2011 with rheumatoid arthritis, initially dashing his dreams of pursuing that path.  Moises battled depression, self-medicated with food and alcohol, saw his health start to suffer, and became almost 300lbs in weight.  Moises was introduced to the ketogenic diet through his research into combating RA, and a doctor who frequented the same gym as Moises also suggested the keto approach.

Moises decided to pursue a ketogenic way of life and as a result got the symptoms of RA under control, dropped the excess body fat, and is now back on the path to becoming the next American Ninja Warrior Champion.  Moises is currently training at a gym in his home town and is getting ready for the next open tryouts for the show.

To follow Moises – Instagram: @slimdownninja

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