Oh For the Love of Lettuce

Sometimes the pressure I put on myself to go somewhere new & to eat something new in order to photograph something new & then write about something new gets, well, a little bit old.  So not often, but every once in a while I just hanker after an old favorite, like Linus wants his blanket.  By now, most of you will have cottoned onto the fact that my go-to Happy Place is Cafe Presse, up on Capital Hill.

Now I’ve heard rumors out in Blogland that there are folks who think that it just ain’t right to blog about the same thing more than once.  Especially not the same place more than once.  And most definitely not the same dish more than once.  But here’s what’s so {very} cool about blogging: my life, my blog.  If I ate the exact same thing at the exact same place every weekend for a year & felt moved to write about it each & every visit, well, I could.  Whether anyone else would want to read about it is entirely another matter.  Reading is optional.

I just LOVE sitting in the window at Cafe Presse watching the world go by & eating their fantastic French food.  LOVE IT.  Given that it’s Sunday I should probably be at church.  Heaven only knows how much repenting is required.  But here I am at Cafe Presse instead, where my mouth, at least, is having it’s very own mini religious experience.

I knew exactly what I wanted:  Oeufs Plats & Salade Verte (Eggs & Lettuce).  Yes, at 9:02 am.  As Holly said when I told her what I wanted, “You gotta power up”.  Exactly, Holly, exactly.

Eggs & Lettuce:  the breakfast of power bloggers.

At this point I feel I simply must turn it over to Ms. Bethany Jean Clement who is, without doubt, the most amazing lettuce writer on planet earth.

She wrote even a love letter to this very Salade Verte.  It is a {very} beautiful thing.  I wouldn’t even attempt to do my own plate of lettuce justice.  Let me just say, that Salade Verte – it’s weep worthy.

And then there were the eggs, of which I have spoken oh so many times before.

  I have no shame.  I make no apology.

As I sat there in the window counting my {countless} blessings & thanking the Universe for creating lettuce, I witnessed another miracle.  Something that I’ve never seen before.  A rag-top Smart car doing a U-turn in the middle of the street.  They have a turning circle the same size as a 5 pence piece.  Incredible.

So there you have it, my umpteenth plate of Oeufs Plats at Cafe Presse and I am still swaying, eyes closed, arms raised & singing their praises to anyone who cares to read about it.

Bon appetit!

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