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Be Still, My Beating Heart

After I fell head over heels into a new love affair a few weeks back, I knew I might have to wait a while before I could get more time with my paramour.  However, I immediately started planning for my next delicious encounter.  The object of my desire?  Dinner at Bis On Main.  It’s the kind of thing us foodies dream about.  I dream about other things too, but fabulous food is definitely up there in the dream stakes.

Then, like a dream come true, as I was pondering how I could get back for a second date, Reid announced he was heading into town from Atlanta.  I immediately knew that this could be my next chance to swoon over Shawn Martin’s culinary prowess.  Table for 5, please.  The countdown was on.

The long awaited evening finally arrived.  It’s almost become a sport now, for friends to try & guess what I will choose off a menu.  This time Enrique hit a home run: Sweetbreads and Duck.  Oh my.  And Reid?  Well Reid was smitten the moment they said they could make him a really dirty Martini with blue cheese stuffed olives in it.

Without further ado, here is the gallery of deliciousness that was our dinner at Bis On Main.  Try not to drool on your keyboard or stab your monitor with a fork.


Oysters – they were on the specials board & I wasn’t paying attention to the details.  Ooops.


Heirloom Tomato & Fresh Mozzarella Salad – basil & extra virgn olive oil ($13)


Veal Sweetbreads – morel mushrooms, pea vines, celery root & veal stock ($17)  Oh heavens, these were so good.


House Cured Salmon Gravlax – potato pancake & lemon dill creme fraiche ($12)


Oh, for the love of organ meats – here’s those Veal Sweetbreads again.  Up close & personal.


Halibut off the specials board.  Still not paying attention to the details.  Ooops.  I can tell you that Reid was enraptured with it.


Copper River Salmon off the specials board.  Not. Paying. Attention.  But I do remember something to do with spaetzle.  The salmon was spectacular.


Roasted Duck Breast – seared breast & confit leg with butternut squash gratin, pea vines & a pomegranate demi ($30)


Quack, quack!  I wish you could even have smelt how incredible this dish was.  I swear they must have caught that {gloriously fat} duck just this morning.  And the demi-glaze was something else.


Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee ($7.75)


Zabaglione.  I don’t really care about the details on this one.  It made my legs wobble, my mouth sing, my hands tremble & my heart beat faster.  Seriously, like a *really* amazing snog.

Things that made me love Bis On Main even more than last time:

  • It was only 23 days since I was last here but the menu was significantly different enough to make it feel like the first time.
  • They just love organ meats & stuff like veal & lamb & duck.
  • The dessert menu is no ordinary dessert menu.  And they change it.
  • A server with a sense of humor.
  • Free valet parking out back.
  • They let me take the menu home.

After my first date I wasn’t sure that the second date could top it.  It did.  I hope this honeymoon is never, ever over.

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  • BobVeal Sweetbreads – morel mushrooms, all the rest of the text was superfluous!!!! (but I enjoyed it none the less :-) )As you know we are very lucky where I live when it comes to duck breast etc but morrilles are rare even here! (but I have found some only 150 meters from the house by the little stream, sshhhhh don’t tell any one)ReplyCancel

  • cbWe had a dish of extra morels on the side – you can see them in one of the duck shots. They were something else!ReplyCancel

  • 4 Gorgeous Guys & a Token Girl » Marmalade and Mile Posts[…] was absolutely determined not to have what I had last time – divine though it all was.  I enlisted Reid’s help to keep me on track.  It worked […]ReplyCancel