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It’s Gonna Be A Lovely Day

After my passion for crepes was well & truly re-ignited last week when I went to Paris Madison Park, for brunch, I came home resolutely focused on a quest to eat crepes at every creperie in Seattle.  You know, just so I’d know, for sure, where the best crepes are to be had.  That’s an important fact for every (foodie) girl’s little black book.

So with my resolution firmly in my mind, I started to form a list of creperies & immediately determined that the very next weekend I would eat more crepes, just not in Paris.  Or Madison Park.  As magnetizing as La Cote Creperie was to me after the {almost} indescribably amazing crepe-fest I had there a week ago.

Saley Crepes came up tops in review after review, so I figured that’d be a great place to get this crepe party started.  I got there early – before they were even open.  I’d read that it’s popular, and heaven knows this girl doesn’t like to be kept waiting for her breakfast.  Saley Crepes is in the Olive Way Triangle (that’s the automobile equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle), but being so early on a Sunday I actually found a place to park that wasn’t 17 blocks away & didn’t cost me $23 in quarters.

 Saley Crepes has to be about the jolliest place on earth that early on a Sunday morning.  Awa & Aissa – the girls running the show at Saley are infectiously happy.  Walking in there was like a {very} long, {very} warm hug from your favorite Aunt.

Let me tell you – Awa has customer service down pat.  She could teach a lot of folks a lot of things about how to treat others.

Even the hand-painted windows made me feel like this.

Oh, how I want to tell you that these are the best crepes in Seattle.  But, bless their hearts, they’re not.

Overcooked on one side and undercooked on the other, doesn’t the best crepe make.

These crepes are more assemblage than cooking – not that that’s a bad thing.  I chose one with a savory crepe with Norwegian salmon, tomato, Swiss cheese, spinach & their famous special crepe sauce.

To finish up I had a lime crepe.  A better crepe than the first one, but still not the best crepe ever.  I enjoyed it nonetheless.

The trick at Saley for a bargain breakfast is to go for a “combo” – one savory & one sweet crepe for the oh-so-cheap price of $10.99.

I can totally see why folks line up to go here, and keep going back time after time.  The sisters smiles alone made me want to go back.  If I was in need of a perfect crepe, Saley is not where I would make a beeline for; but if I was in the mood for a cheap, tasty meal with the warmest, friendliest, sunniest servers in existence, Saley is right up there on my list of places to head.

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