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Drink Up!

Hi, friends!

I may have been missing from here for a little while, but I have glad tidings of great joy.  I have been heads-down, very busily engaged in Cookbook #4.  Woohoo!  As publishing day bears down on us (***it’s now published!***) I couldn’t wait any longer to give you a little preview.  It’s not what you’re expecting.  However, I suspect it may very well be the most (!) important (!) healthy cookbook I’ve created for you yet.  Because no one really thinks about drinks when they’re working on their health and wellness journey, and let’s face it – most drinks around these days are all kinds of health insanity.  I realized that there was a huge gap in my wellness plan that meant I either had to forgo all the drinks I love – notably soda and frou-frou lattes – and only drink water, green tea and black coffee (b-o-r-i-n-g), or I had to compromise on my heath goals, or I had to create all sorts of healthy beverage goodness.  Given that I dislike water, green tea, and black coffee with a passion and that I am not a compromiser, that left me with option #3.  Creating this book has made my health journey staggeringly more scrumptious, enjoyable, and so much easier to stick to.  Lovely readers I present to you:

Drink Smarter! Beverages – 101 delicious, health-boosting, sugar-free lattes, teas, hot chocolates, frozen drinks, yogurt drinks, sodas, mocktails, and infused waters.

Beverage Book Cover Amazon

Love your Starbucks frou-frou lattes and Frappucinos but hate the sugar, chemicals, artificial this-and-that, not to mention the cost? Your new SANE Cookbook’s got you covered.  How about a Raspberry Truffle Latte or a Gingerbread Frappé?

Can’t go without your favorite soda but know that the amount of sugar or artificial sweeteners are doing nothing for your waistline, let alone your health? They’re all here.  Mmmmm, Cream Soda.

Hate the taste of water? This book will convert you into a water fanatic.  Black Cherry Vanilla YUM.

Like a festive drink on holidays and special occasions but loathe how they undo your otherwise healthy lifestyle? These will mean you can join in the fun without any of the consequences.  Mojito, anyone?

Adore hot chocolate on a cold night but add body fat just thinking about one? Not with these you won’t.  Creamy Peppermint Hot Chocolate?  Yes, please!

Bring your liquids up to the same healthy low carb standard as your meals – Drink Smarter!  Increasing your fluid intake has never been more delicious, more health-boosting, or easier and quicker for you to whip up right in your very own kitchen.  You’ll be using this book every day!

(And no, the recipes do not rely on xylitol if you were wondering about that).

Drink Smarter! Beverages - Carrie Brown

Drink Smarter! Beverages - Carrie Brown

Drink Smarter! Beverages - Carrie BrownDrink Smarter! Beverages - Carrie Brown


Drink Smarter! Beverages - Carrie Brown

Drink Smarter! Beverages - Carrie Brown

Drink Smarter! Beverages - Carrie Brown


























Drink Smarter! Beverages - Carrie Brown



















Surprisingly, this cookbook is the book of mosts:  Most recipes, most trials, most do-overs, most time, most frustration, most learning, most work, most fun, and most props – lordy if you only knew how much new glassware and porcelain went into the making of this cookbook!  I could have gone on creating recipes forever.  But just for you there is one major least:  Least cost to purchase.  Under $20!

When can you buy it?  I am just waiting for the Foreword from a wonderful brilliant Doctor who really knows his nutrition and exercise (!!!!), and then it’ll be up on Amazon in softcopy and Kindle so you can start your low carb healthy beverage journey straight away.  ***It’s HERE***

Want a signed copy for free?  Comment anywhere on my little blogette between now and publish day and you’ll be entered into a drawing.  10 lovely readers will get a copy.  Comment away!  ***DRAWING NOW CLOSED!***

Get ready to drink up!!





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    SO EXCITED.ReplyCancel

    • carrieDavid – you’re a WINNER! Please send me your mailing address!ReplyCancel

      • David WilliamsThanks so much Carrie. We use your cookbooks every week. Made lots of your icecreams and soups and those heavenly chocolate cookies all the time.

        We also purchased all 3 of your cookbooks for our sons last year for Christmas. So excited for your new book.ReplyCancel

        • David Williamsand additionally – this might sound crazy but I got the spine cut off the books and had them spiral bound so they sit flatter on the kitchen counter and are easier to use!ReplyCancel

          • carrieHA HA! Mine are all spiral bound too ;-)

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