The Inside Scoop : #2

It’s been a crazy week, people! One of the highlights was getting a mad rush of energy on Tuesday night and deciding to fire up the new oven and BAKE SOMETHING(!!). That one, small act of fiddling with some almond flour led to an entire day of baking debauchery as I got entirely too excited about tweaking my infamous Cheesy Biscuits recipe into perfection. The original recipe is still all kinds of awesome, they’re just fragile. For years I have wanted to make them an altogether sturdier biscuit, and this has now come to pass. Sturdy biscuits!! Also: self-limiting biscuits. You’re welcome.

The day after what became known as The Cheesy Biscuit Tweak, I decided I should go and introduce myself to the doctors and nurses at the (kinda) local hospital. They were all lovely. They also informed me, after having me pee in a cup, that I have a bladder infection to accompany my Lyme Disease. I named it Sally. Sally caused me to spend most of the day either in the hospital or on the couch. She needs to go. And I have a plan to make that happen.

So, FINALLY! I got back in the kitchen and I baked something in my new oven. Because I *need* to get back in the kitchen to do what I was put on earth to do.

I also started a Patreon. Think of it like an after-the-fact Kickstarter. Or as a vehicle for Paying-It-Forward to anyone who needs to hear about the healing powers of the keto lifestyle that you have experienced. It will also be super fun for those who choose to participate in the programs as well. All are welcome. Your support makes all things possible!

And now, here’s your Inside Scoop:















“None can escape the fact that we become, to a large degree, what we think. Think little, believe little, act little, and the results will be little. Think big, believe big, act big, and the results will be big.” ― Anon



  • Say “Thank you!” to everyone who serves you in anyway, today.
  • Go through one drawer or cupboard this week and toss, gift, recycle, donate, or clean everything in it.
  • Join me us!! 90 kind, generous, passionate people are now making a difference in our new little community!



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