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And now for something a little different…

Life has been a truly crazy ride since I upped sticks and drove across the top of America to settle in Connecticut. That’s a long story for another day.

One of the things that went by the wayside in the last 20 months while I’ve been navigating all. the. things. was my photography road trips and for the most part, my photography. But I recently remedied that when I took off to Pennsylvania for a week. And it was lovely. And there were photos. And people started clamoring for the images. So, having procrastinated on selling my photographic art for about 10 years, I finally steeled my loins and clambered over the hump of I’m-not-good-enough and uploaded the recent road trip photos to my photography website, where you can now buy prints and also download the digital images to do with as you will.










And the prices start at 90 cents. NINETY CENTS. Because art should be priced so everyone can enjoy it.  The prints are available for purchase in Canada, Europe, England, Australia, and America. The digital downloads are available anywhere on earth there is a device and an internet connection, so fear not if you want prints and are not in any of the countries I listed. You can simply download the image and print them with abandon.

I’d be honored if you’d have a gander at my view of Pennsylvania. I’d be tickled pink if you liked the images enough to print or download some of them and hung them on your walls, or decorated your digital device screens with them. Or turned them into thoughtful gifts for your peeps. Or yourself.










You can see all the images from the trip by clicking on any of the pretty pictures above, or just *click here*.  These images are only available for sale until THURSDAY DECEMBER 19th, so go get ’em!







And then, people started asking for wall calendars. So wall calendars for 2020 I give unto you. There are 6 different themes and until the end of THURSDAY DECEMBER 12TH they are all 15% OFF when you use this code: ONEFIVE (all upper case).

So don’t delay. There’s Northeast Barns, Flowers, Fences, Northwest Barns, Coffee, and Desserts (!!). And you can preview them all *right here*.

And I hope you love them as much as I loved making them.

Merry December to you and yours!

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