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The Fatty Joe Show : Corey Modrowski

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Corey Mordowski, “The KetoRucker”, joins The Fatty Joe Show today to share his unique brand of fitness.   Corey ventures away from the hallowed halls of the gym and instead partakes in an activity called “rucking”, which is basically walking with a weighted pack on for time and distance.  Corey is a physical therapy assistant by trade and is currently working on a doctorate in holistic health.  He is an expert in functional movement as well as healing the body.

Corey got into rucking for his own fitness and now works to share his passion for this fitness lifestyle to others.  He even got your ever-loving host Yogi into it.  Corey’s day job is Physical Therapist Assistant, but his passion is health optimization, personal development, nutrition, and physical activity.

When he first began his ketogenic journey Corey weighed over 300 pounds. At five foot nine inches tall Corey was what the Body Mass Index called Morbidly Obese. This label haunted Corey every time he would go to his physician’s office for his annual physical, or when he would get the occasional sinus infection or random other ailment that he could not soldier through without the aid of a prescription.

Over the years Corey tried many diets. Some would work for a time, but then the weight would come screaming back plus some extra. He tried Paleo, counted calories, juiced, and even went full vegan for a stretch of two to three years. Corey discovered keto, and thought “what do I have to lose?” So he began eating a ketogenic diet. At first it was nothing fancy, just lots of meat, eggs, heavy cream, butter, and cream cheese. Then something extraordinary happened; he lost weight. Not only did Corey lose weight, but he also did not feel like he was starving. Soon after Corey noticed skin conditions disappearing, aches and pains just evaporating, and his energy returning.

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Instagram: ?@ketorucker

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⭐️Keto Brick: ?
⭐️Biltong Jerky KALAHARI SNACKS: ?
⭐️KETO CHOW: ?  (10% discount)
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⭐️Nu-Salt: ?
⭐️For Naturally pastured meats: ?
?Anatomy Trains: Myofascial Meridians for Manual Therapists and Movement Professionals by: Thomas Myers ?
?The Spinal Engine by: Serge Gracovetsky ?
?Upstream: The Quest to solve Problems Before They Happen ?
? Carrie Brown and Yogi Parker Pork Belly Videos: ?

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