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The Fatty Joe Show : El Berto Casillas

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Alberto Casillas aka El Berto, of The Keto Mans Club, joins Yogi to share his story of using dietary interventions to overcome the auto-immune disease Ulcerative Colitis. El Berto struggled with this painful and debilitating condition for many years before finding relief by switching to a whole real foods diet. His story is inspiring, especially for the hundreds of thousands of people suffering from similar issues.

As a young man, Alberto Casillas developed the painful symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis, a painful and debilitating condition that causes a variety of gut issues caused by inflammation and ulcers to occur in the intestines.  The inflammation can create symptoms of chronic diarrhea, severe abdominal pain, blood in the stool and rectum, nausea, severe constipation, and more. 

This condition of Ulcerative Colitis affects thousands and of people and can impact the ability of a person to work, have a social life, travel, and can lead to serious and life threatening complications such as cancer. 

Alberto began suffering from this condition while still a teenager and battled it the majority of his life.  He has tried a variety of prescribed medications and treatments, but did not achieve lasting relief until switching to a whole real foods diet, and getting away from processed junk foods and fast food.  Eventually Alberto transitioned into a ketogenic diet and a more carnivorous lifestyle to achieve an even greater amount of control over his condition.  Today Alberto helps others achieve their health and fitness goals via his various podcast appearances, mentoring others in social media groups, and by being one of a trio of hosts on The Keto Mans Club podcast.  Alberto has also become avidly immersed in the fitness world with his weightlifting, strength training and marathon running. 

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