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The Fatty Joe Show : Markus Wolf

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Markus Wolf is a fitness coach who hails from Canada and specializes in helping busy people stay fit, burn fat and achieve better health without having to become obsessive about their fitness, food or spend hours a day killing themselves at the gym. Markus creates a sensible approach to a whole real foods nutrient-dense diet and incorporates primal movements, play and walking into a fitness routine designed to fit within a modern hectic lifestyle.

Markus Wolf is a personal trainer from Canada who takes a non-flashy, no-nonsense approach to fitness and nutrition.  Markus develops fitness routines that anyone can do, no matter how busy you are, and focuses not only on burning fat, building strength and developing the physique, but he also works to increase and preserve mobility and joint health.  Markus creates workout plans that can be done just about anywhere with very little barriers to entry, because the routines are built with a foundation of body weight exercising, primal movements and play. 

Markus proves to his clients that they do not have to take an overly obsessive approach to their diets or have expensive gym memberships or pricey equipment to become healthier versions of themselves.  He also demonstrates that working out does not have to be a tedious thing, and that you can have fun and get fit at the same time.  Yogi and Markus discuss all this, plus how to raise healthy and fit kids.

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