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Something HUGELY exciting is about to happen in the world of SANEity!!  Jonathan and I are recording a two-day course for you.

A two-day course!  Live!  We are so excited I can barely contain myself!


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Want to spend two days – FOR FREE – with The Bailornator and I, live in the studio in Seattle getting two days of intensive how-to’s for living a SANE lifestyle?  Check out what’s happening on November 11th and 12th here!

The Smarter Science of Slim Live


Want to see a summary of the two-day course?  Get all the info here!

Two Day Course Summary


Want to attend in person in Seattle on November 11th and 12th?  Submit your info here!

In-person Attendee Submission Form


If you can’t attend in person, don’t panic!  Get all this – free of charge – by joining us from your computer on November 11th and 12th.

Want to join us remotely?  Enroll here!

Register To Join From Your Computer


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Join us!  We can’t wait to share all this with you!


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  • Jim McMichael - Above it indicates the workshop by computer is free. When you fill out identification data the next screen says there is a $79 charge???ReplyCancel

  • Jonathan Bailor - Hi Jim – The course is free to watch live. If you’d like a recording etc. that’s $79 etc. Hope to see you live!

    – Jonathan BailorReplyCancel

  • teilzeitDAU - yay, thumbs up for living in Europe and being able to watch this after work thx to the time difference! :)ReplyCancel

  • Karen - The link to register (to join from your computer) isn’t working. :( I tried it on both Google Chrome and Explorer. I’ve been binge listening to the first 15 podcasts and am making the changes! Very excited to see what will happen. Thanks Jonathan and Carrie for all you’re doing to spread the truth and help us all!ReplyCancel

  • Ginny - When I click “Register to join from your computer” I get a page from Time Warner Cable. Help please. Thanks for all you do.ReplyCancel

  • carrie - I re-did the link for registration – please try now!!!ReplyCancel

  • Karen - It worked! Thanks Carrie! (You are hilarious on the podcasts, by the way!)ReplyCancel

  • Shannon - Carrie, the Creative Live event was SPECTACULAR!!! i missed your section with the recipes, so i just had to download the whole thing!
    You are amazing! and wonderful! and creative! and i just love you!!
    Thank you!ReplyCancel

    • carrie - Shannon – THANK YOU so much for your wildly enthusiastic CreativeLive love!!! Your support really helps :-)ReplyCancel

Lovely, lovely, patient people.  I have no idea where the time goes, sometimes.  I only believe that it’s been 3 weeks since I wrote to you in this space because when I checked the last post date it said September 14th.  And post dates don’t lie.  It’s all been so busy around here I completely lost track of time.  It wasn’t that I didn’t want to be here – I love hanging out with you; it’s just that I’ve been busy.  Busy with good stuff.  Stuff I think you’ll love.  Busy with a book, or two – for you.   There was my brain to consider as well, in all of it’s bright-shiny-object-syndrome glory.  Plus life with all it’s never-ending demands – a car that decided to overheat on the freeway one morning, a lawn that screamed to be mown twice a week, a checkbook to balance, clothes to repeatedly launder, trips to Trader Joe’s so I could make enough ice cream to fill a book; one of these days I’ll train the “kids” to load the dishwasher, or at least take the trash out.  Our lovely friend, Nancy, became The Roomie for 5 fun weeks, Mr. McHenry joined the gang and required extensive orientation (aka play time) and oh, I nearly forgot the day job.  But even so, I’ve been gone too long. Forgive me?

To make up for it in some small way, I made you something special – Lemon Mascarpone Tarts.  Yes there’s a story – because no one just randomly makes up fancy tartlets in their sleep.  There’s always a train of thought to these things, however disconnected it may seem to everyone else.

When I was working as the Head Pastry Chef at a French Patisserie in Perth – over in the great land of Oz – we used to make this tart that my team and I affectionately called Posh Pie.  It was a Pâte Sucrée (rich and buttery) pastry case filled with a mixture of mascarpone cheese and heavy (double) cream, topped with prunes that had been soaked in brandy, and then finished off with a beautiful glaze.  That was one epic pie, let me tell you.  I have often thought about Posh Pie since those days, but for reasons which are entirely unfathomable to me, I never made it again after I left Maison Perry.

I got around to thinking about Posh Pie a few weeks months back, and thought how fun it would be to make a *SANEr version.  On reflection I decided that maybe prunes weren’t the best thing for you though, especially ones that had been soaked in brandy for 2 weeks.  And the whole mascarpone-heavy-cream thing didn’t seem quite right, either.  Ultimately, what I came up with is absolutely nothing like Posh Pie, but I thought I’d share where my mind started out. Lemon Mascarpone Tarts  |  Carrie Brown

I decided, the morning after I made these Lemon Shortbread Cookies, that they would make a perfectly fine substitute for a tart case.  Then, since my tartlet already had this whole lemony base going on, I couldn’t think of anything better to fill it with than some fantastically lemony SANE Lemon Curd.  As a pretty piped topping I was going to go with simple whipped cream, but I determined that I should at least give a nod to the mascarpone part of the Posh Pie from my pastry-cheffing past.  A sprinkling of finely grated lemon zest and voila!  A spectacular tartlet that simply no one will believe is SANE.  Except you and me.  It can be our little secret.

I wouldn’t recommend you eat these every day, or even every week.  I’d have them as a high-days-and-holidays treat – but it’s always good to have a truly memorable dessert recipe in your back pocket – for those times when you want to give the non-SSoS’ers at your table something super-special – without feeling like you have to compromise on your own *SANEity.  I’ve given you this recipe ahead of the holidays so you can get prepared well in advance.  They are a little more complicated and time-consuming that most of my recipes.  Choosing a SANE lifestyle doesn’t mean you can’t have fancy desserts too.

Posh Pie it isn’t, but scrumptious *SANEity it most certainly is!


  • You need to make the tartlet dough and the lemon curd at least one day before you want to serve them.  Once you have the tartlets baked and the SANE Lemon Curd ready they are a cinch to put together.
  • I used fluted tartlet tins like these.  You can use any shape you’d like and they don’t have to be fluted, but fluted are prettier.  You can also get tartlet tins with removable bases that can make removal of the tartlets easier.
  • You’ll want a pastry bag like these – the larger the better, and some nozzles or tips like these.  You can also use them for whipped cream, piping SANE marshmallows and SANE meringues, and a bunch of other cool stuff that if I haven’t made it yet, I will.


Lemon Mascarpone Tarts
Author: Carrie Brown | www.carriebrown.com
Prep time:
Total time:
Serves: 12
  • Lemon Shortbread Cookie Dough (see recipe link above)
  • SANE Lemon Curd (see recipe link above)
  • 1 cup / 8 fl oz. heavy (double) cream
  • 8 oz. / 225g mascarpone cheese
  • 1 lemon zest, very finely grated
  1. Make a batch of Lemon Shortbread Cookie Dough following the recipe link above.
  2. Once you have a soft dough, pull off pieces and press evenly into the base and up the sides of individual tartlet tins. Use a sharp knife to trim off any excess dough above the tins.
  3. Prick the bases of the tarts with a fork to allow steam to escape while baking.
  4. Place the tartlet tins onto a baking sheet and place in the center of the oven at 300F.
  5. Bake for 20 – 25 minutes until they are golden brown.
  6. Remove the baking sheet from the oven and allow the tarts to cool completely.
  7. Once cold, carefully remove the tarts from the tins, using the tip of a knife to ease them out if necessary.
  8. Store in an airtight container overnight.
  9. Fill each tartlet with SANE Lemon Curd following the recipe link above, using a palette knife to give a smooth, even top the same height as the tarts.
  10. In a bowl, whip the heavy (double) cream until stiff.
  11. In a separate bowl whip the mascarpone cheese until it is soft.
  12. Fold the whipped cream carefully into the mascarpone cheese until completely mixed.
  13. Spoon the cheese cream into a piping bag fitted with a star nozzle and pipe stars around the edge of each tartlet.
  14. Pipe a star in the center of each tartlet.
  15. Sprinkle with very finely grated lemon zest.

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  • May - I’ve only just found SANE thanks to CreativeLive and am immersing myself in yours and Jonathan’s websites. Thank you so much for your amazing recipes that have me all excited about this new journey! I’ve loved watching you on CreativeLive and listening to the podcasts.
    Believe it or not, I was born in England (High Wycombe) and now live in Perth, Australia. I feel as if we’re best friends already! I’ve never lived in America though.
    Keep up the incredible work Carrie *hugs*ReplyCancel

    • carrie - Oh, May, High Wycombe!!! I know it well :-) THANK YOU so much for your kind words. Your support means the world!ReplyCancel

  • May - You and I sound alike even though I’ve been in Australia for 42 years lol I’m also a photographer, and love my Nikon – your photos are really beautiful (food and landscapes!) Food is not an easy subject but you do really well.
    And on the bi-polar front, I really hope that is all settling into place for you now and that one day you’ll be able to come off the meds. Just never forget that the condition is *not your fault*. You’re beautiful, talented, fun and outgoing – all qualities to be proud of.
    And now I’m going on holiday to Tasmania for 10 days squeeeee!ReplyCancel

    • carrie - Thank you, May. I *really* appreciate your kind words. Have a fantastic holiday!ReplyCancel

  • Rose - I rec’d your book yesterday and I just tasted my very first Vitamix-enabled soup, Tortilla Soup!

    Soups have been tough because they are often too high in carbs for me (diabetic) and these recipes do the trick. My first guilt-free Tortilla Soup (chicken not cabbage). Heaven. Thank you, Carrie.


    Now if I can get around to ordering the ice cream maker, I can get to work on the first book’s recipes…ReplyCancel

    • carrie - HI Rose – thanks for the Tortilla Soup love. Makes my heart happy to read your comment!ReplyCancel

  • Lemon Shortbread Cookies » Carrie Brown | Living a SANE Life - […] devour one huge one, right?  I also used this same basic shortbread recipe as a tart crust for Lemon Mascarpone Tarts. Even though the base recipe I stole from the Vanilla Cranberry Shortbread that I gave you for […]ReplyCancel

After making pretty much nothing but staggeringly healthy, fat-burning ice cream for the last 5 6 7 8 weeks, I was desperate for a slap-up, protein-filled breakfast this morning.  For reasons that I can’t quite put my finger on, I could get neither sausages nor mushrooms out of my mind.  I’ve found it’s often just easier to go with the flow on these things, although if I’m fixated on Pringles, jet-puffed marshmallows, or watching re-runs of Law and Order SVU, I don’t recommend going with the flow as a course of action.  Since {most} sausage and mushrooms are good for both the soul and the stomach, I let my mind take me where it would.  We ended up at Sausage Mushroom Bake.

Sausage Mushroom Bake | www.carriebrown.com

If you’ve been here a while you’ll know all too well that I remain confused about American dish-naming conventions and never quite know what to call things.  I am sure this is nothing like the bake that you might be expecting, but I remain mostly unrepentant.  This bake has sausage, mushrooms, and a clutch of eggs in, plus a few bits of this and that to jazz it up.  All you really need to know is that this Sausage Mushroom Bake tastes fantastic and will keep you full for hours.

It’s like quiche without the crust, but it’s firm enough to slice into whatever shape takes your fancy.  It’s hearty, filling, and impossibly tasty.  It’s also handy to understand that you can eat it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and not feel like you’re eating it at the wrong meal.

And let me tell you – it cured my desperation in just 3 forkfuls.  It’s crammed full of veggies, but you wouldn’t know it.  If you have mushroom detractors in your posse, try them with this – I marveled at how you don’t get that typical mushroom texture or flavor when it’s surrounded by swathes of scrumptious sausage. Sausage Mushroom Bake | www.carriebrown.com

If you take it into work and are able to warm it in the microwave, be prepared for your coworkers to start drifting over to you. The first time I took this into the office I could have sold my lunch 23 times over.  For breakfast, eat it alongside half a green smoothie.  For lunch or dinner add some steamed veggies or a gorgeous salad.

If you’re making it for a breakfast feast, get your Sausage Mushroom Bake ready the night before, cover and keep in the ‘fridge overnight.  Just sling it in the oven after you stumble out of bed, and then go and have your shower.  A fabulous weekend breakfast will be waiting for you when you get out.  Way to start the weekend!

PS. When buying ground sausage (sausage meat) – especially in the US – read the label.  Those pesky food people have a habit of sneaking all sorts of icky crap into it that we don’t need, and don’t want.  By all means buy seasoned sausage, just make sure those seasonings don’t include artificial garbage and sugars of any kind.


Sausage and Mushroom Bake
Author: Carrie Brown | www.carriebrown.com
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 4 – 6
  • 1 TBSP coconut oil
  • 10 oz / 280g onion, chopped
  • 1 lb / 450 g ground sausage (sausage meat)
  • 1 lb / 450g mushrooms, cut into chunks
  • 10 eggs
  • 1/4 cup / 2 fl oz heavy (double) cream
  • 2 TBSP fresh sage, finely chopped
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 oz / 30 g grated cheese
  1. Melt the coconut oil in a large skillet (frying pan) over medium heat.
  2. Add the chopped onions and cook until transparent, stirring often.
  3. Add the sausage and break up in the pan, stirring well with the onions.
  4. Cook the sausage meat until it is lightly browned.
  5. Add the mushroom chunks and cook for 2 minutes, stirring well.
  6. Remove from the heat and turn into a casserole or baking dish that has been sprayed with coconut oil.
  7. In a bowl whisk the eggs together well with the cream, chopped sage and salt and pepper.
  8. Pour the egg mixture over the sausage meat and veggies in the dish.
  9. Evenly sprinkle the grated cheese over the top of the mixture.
  10. Bake in the center of the oven at 375 F for about 35 minutes, until the top is golden brown and a skewer poked into the middle comes out clean.






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  • Deb Sanders - This recipe looks fabulous . Will try it soon.
    Just got home from a week long trip,to the Keys and had your Ice Cream book waiting for me. Didn’t even unpack before I got right down to reading it. Already placed an order thru Amazon for a few Ingredients Ill need. I will be making sane ice cream by Wednesday:). So excited for you and me as well!ReplyCancel

    • carrie - GO, Deb! I am so excited for you to have fabulous ice cream and still stay SANE!!!ReplyCancel

  • Helen - Ooh, this looks really good! How long will it keep? I I made some on a Sunday, could I get a few breakfast portions through the week from it?

    Thanks for a great site!ReplyCancel

    • carrie - Yes, Helen – it will be fine in a sealed container in the ‘fridge for at least 4 days. Let us know how you like it!ReplyCancel

  • Jill - Thanks Carrie! This was delish. A nice change for breakfast!ReplyCancel

  • Kate - Can you recommend any “safe” sausage brands? I am not sure I know of any that don’t add a bunch to theirs. THanks!ReplyCancel

    • carrie - Hi Kate – not sure where you are located, but I use almost exclusively Trader Joe’s sausages. They have many varieties and are not filled with artificial junk or sugar. I don’t shop in regular grocery stores much so am not an expert in top brand sausages. Read the labels and pick the best. Hope that helps!ReplyCancel

  • Pip - It looks yum but what exactly is “sausage”? Sorry, but I’m not quite sure that American sausage and Australian sausages are the same thing! Is it just minced beef or do you buy sausages in skins and squeeze them out? Thanks!ReplyCancel

    • carrie - Hi Pip – it is sausage meat (minced pork) that I used. You could squeeze sausages out of their skins if you wanted, but that seems like work if you can get plain sausage meat. Hope that helps!ReplyCancel

  • Rose - Hello Carrie and everyone!

    I’m doing my Sunday cooking for the week and wanted to report in on my variant of the Sausage Bake goodness. I didn’t have some ingredients (um, like sausage *and* mushroom…) so I followed the recipe but instead of sausage I used 4 buffalo meat patties and 10 strips of thick cut bacon, diced up all the meat. In lieu of mushrooms I used two squash thinly sliced. (I had squash b/c I’d planned to test out spaghetti squash… only to discover there is an actual veg called “spaghetti squash”, not just regular squash. But I digress…)

    Baked the buffalo meat patties in the toaster oven and fried the bacon. Removed the bacon and cooked down the onion and squash in the bacon grease. The rest was the same. I’m happy to report the thinly sliced squash has an au gratin potato quality to it, which is awesome.

    Happy Dec 16th week!!ReplyCancel

  • Brian Milby - I just made this on Sunday and enjoyed it quite a bit. I ended up using a 9×13 dish and doubled the cheese (it seemed like not enough initially). The only bad thing is that my daughter doesn’t like mushrooms and she made it known.ReplyCancel

  • 2014 Healthy Meal Plan: WEEK 34 | Half Size Me - […] Sausage & Mushroom Bake (from Marmalade and Mileposts) […]ReplyCancel

  • The Slippery Slope » Carrie Brown | Life in the SANE lane - […] that I’m off to create some delicious egg casserole thingy to take with me on tomorrow’s Sunday Road Trip so I won’t feel compelled to grab […]ReplyCancel



I realize it’s been a while.  A long while.  I think I have a pretty good excuse though.  While I’ve been MIA – stashed away in a quiet Seattle suburb on a hill overlooking some terribly pretty mountains and forests – I’ve written you a book.  A whole book!  I think you’ll like it, mainly because it is full of ice cream.  More to the point, it is full of *SANE ice cream.  Fat-burning, health-boosting, totally delicious ice cream.

I was so wrapped up in dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s of the 26,135 words that now sprawl across 122 pages, dodging 42 images as they go, that  I almost forgot I had a blog.  I didn’t intend to just leave you hanging out there in the breeze; when this book project got rolling I fully intended to keep posting away over here as well – 3 posts a week – as is my want, but somewhere along the way my body reminded me that I am not actually superwoman, despite my brain’s repeated attempts to persuade me otherwise.  You can read about my brain’s recent tendency to do that here.

I think it was the lovely note I got from a friend telling me she couldn’t figure out what time/space continuum I had altered to have time to do all that I was doing.  It made me ponder that maybe my summer activity levels weren’t quite what would be considered “normal”.  So despite my best efforts to work my 60-hour-a-week day job, write a 122-page SANE Ice Cream cookbook, and keep merrily posting new recipes in this space…something had to give.  Given that the day job pays the mortgage, feeds the “kids”, and purchases ice-cream-making supplies, and that I had made a commitment to you all to get the book finished in August, the blog ended up with the short straw.  Sorry about that.  The upside is that you now have a book bursting with enough SANE ice creams to have a different flavor every day of the month.  Oh, and SANE Marshmallows.  We can’t forget the marshmallows.  It felt like a reasonable trade to me.

Turns out that writing a book is very different from writing random, generally unconnected blog posts, and now, even though I have churned out a colossal amount more blog posts than I have books – which wouldn’t be too hard as I’ve only written one book – I am having a spot of bother getting back into blog-post-writing mode.

Book writing is very intense.  Of course, determining that I would complete the entire thing in 6 weeks did little to un-intensify the situation.  Marmalade HQ has been all ice cream, all the time.  Even meal times, random as they were, consisted mainly of ice cream; the fantastically good news being that I haven’t gained a pound, although let me be clear that I don’t recommend a SANE Ice Cream Diet as a lifestyle choice.  I can hear Jonathan now…”Make sure you get your 10 servings of non-starchy veggies and enough lean protein in first!”  Bless him.  Talking of The Bailornator, he wrote the foreword for my book.  LOVE HIM.

About now I’d like to mention how grateful I am for all your support through this whole book-writing episode.  It feels like it was years in the making, but really, in the grand scheme of things it was all over in a heartbeat.  And just for the record, for anyone wondering – because I’ve heard it compared often – publishing a book is absolutely nothing like giving birth.  While it is true that I don’t have “giving birth” on my resume, I am as sure as I can be that the two are nothing alike, in the slightest.  If they are then I am left wondering what all the fuss about childbirth is, because publishing a book was really a rather lovely experience, and one that I will definitely embark on again.  While it was definitely very trying to corral a brain that has bright shiny object syndrome into writing for more than 4 minutes at a time, the upsides to book publishing over child bearing appear to be many and varied, ranging from no painkillers required to being able to remain fully clothed throughout (although pajamas were often part of my book-writing MO); from being able to stop pushing and take a nap whenever necessary to not needing an enema.  I can’t speak for giving birth, but I thoroughly recommend publishing a book.

Thank you for all the cheering from the sidelines that has been going on while I stirred, and churned, and shot, and wrote my way through the long, hot summer that Seattle enjoyed this year.  Thank you for the notes of encouragement.  Thank you for your patience while I beavered away.  Thank you for all your thoughts and feedback.  Truly, it meant a lot that every time I raised my head there was a note or a post or some other lovely little thing to keep me going.  Thank you.

Honestly, this is all rather surreal.  The first time I did a search on Amazon.com for my name and my book popped up I cried.  That I created something that people around the world want to buy is extremely humbling, although it also makes me want to giggle.  With excitement, with incredulity, with gratitude.

So without further ado, I give you my first cookbook:  Eat Smarter! Ice Creams (volume 1).  Because you just know that it would be impossible for me not to invent at least another 30 ice cream recipes during the course of my life.

Eat Smarter! Ice Creams  |  Carrie Brown

It is available as a physical book with a bright shiny cover and big, beautiful pictures, and also in digital format for those of you who like to cook from their kindles and laptops and other funky devices.  Whichever format is for you, I hope it makes you smile.  I hope the recipes make your mouths happy, and I hope that it makes living a SANE lifestyle easier and more fun, now that you have 30 fat-burning, health-boosting totally delicious desserts at your fingertips.  If you click on the picture above it will take you straight to Amazon.com where you can purchase one.  Or several.  Because I know you know loads of people who would love to eat ice cream that helps and supports their health and body-fat goals.


Hearty CONGRATULATIONS go to our ice cream contest winners, who will each receive a signed copy:

Gordon Mott – England   |   Sue Rochester – England   |   Carl Williams – England   |   Yvette Liu – Canada   |   Andree Lucie – Canada   |   Carol Murphy Baker – Canada   |   Lori Pellintz – USA   |   Kyra Moulton – USA   |   Linda McDonald – USA   |   Alice Kurien – Australia   |   Shelley Stretton – Australia   |   Denise Thompson – Australia   |   Louise V. Knight – New Zealand   |   Bob Neal – France   |   Lorna Broad – Italy

(PS. Winners – if you have not yet sent me your shipping address please do!)


Ladies and gentleman, we have our first SANE cookbook!  HURRAH!!



What does 'sane' mean? Click here...Want delicious uber-healthy recipes? Check out my Cookbooks!
  • Lorrie - Thank you Carrie for writing and publishing your recipes for all of us SANE people! You have taken the most treasured insane food and whipped it into shape making it a SANE treat for all of us SSOS followers. I can’t wait for my copy to arrive this week so that I can get churning. We love you!ReplyCancel

    • carrie - Entirely my pleasure, Lorrie!!! I hope you and your family LOVE them :-))ReplyCancel

  • Denise - HOORAY for the ice cream book! Just ordered it, along with some konjac powder. Had to make your cheese sauce with cornstarch (which apparently doesn’t measure 1:1) tonight… It was good, but I suspect not as good as the original recipe!ReplyCancel

    • carrie - Ah, yes, Denise – konjac and cornstarch are not interchangeable in terms of the same measurement. Knojac is WAY better at thickening than cornstarch. A little bit of konjac goes an awfully long way! Glad you enjoyed it anyway. And THANK YOU for Ice Cream Book love :-))ReplyCancel

  • Denise - Carrie, thank YOU for all your hard work on all the recipes! I am most looking forward to trying the nutty cereal… I have all the ingredients now but one, which should be here in a day or two. Thank goodness for amazon!!ReplyCancel

    • carrie - We love Amazon, Denise!!! :-)) I think you will love the nutty cereal – it’s still my most popular recipe ever!ReplyCancel

  • Pip - Bravo Carrie,
    I can’t wait to get your book. I love listening to your podcasts and your recipes are wonderful!ReplyCancel

  • Keri Pyke - Carrie-
    When I go to Amazon, a Kindle option to buy doesn’t come up. Is there another location to get the digital version? It only gives me a paperback option.


  • Gina - Just ordered at Amazon!!!! Can’t wait to get it! Thank you Carrie!!!
    I found the kindle version by searching “Eat Dessert First kindle” for everyone that wants the kindle version.
    Hard to choose which to get but I’m still old school so went with the hard copy!ReplyCancel

    • carrie - THANK YOU, Gina! Secretly I think the hard copy is way better ;-)ReplyCancel

  • Deborah Kent - You are AMAZING!! Can’t wait to get your book! Many of us @ work talk, pass & of course share the glories of your treats! You are loved in Maine!! Thanks for all the humor too! As they say up here…wicked good!!(highest of compliments!!)ReplyCancel

    • carrie - Hello, Maine!!!! Please give a shout out to all your colleagues Deborah!! THANK YOU for all the love. It makes it all worthwhile :-))ReplyCancel

  • Lynn - I’ve ordered your book Carrie, congratulations! the first of many I’m sure! the only problem is that I don’t have an ice-cream churning machine, will I have to buy one? If I do which one shall I get, they seem to vary in price from “not too bad” to “OMG”?ReplyCancel

  • Carl - Firstly congratulations I’m so looking forward to some sane Ice Cream awesomeness, and secondly woohoo I won a prize, thank you soooo much, but, how do I send you my address ??ReplyCancel

    • carrie - Email via the link on this blog or private message on the Marmalade Facebook page! Congrats, Carl!!!ReplyCancel

  • Matilda - I am so super excited about this book! This is my present to myself once I get my tax return, so I better hurry up and get it done.
    I’ve only just discovered I’m lactose intolerant, so dairy free icecream yay! *does happy dance*, very very excited.
    Thank you Carrie, for Sane’ing a delicious treat.ReplyCancel

    • carrie - For those that are not dairy-free, they are easily convertible, Matilda. I hope you love them!!!ReplyCancel

  • Shannon - Yay! and congratulations on the book release! My copy is already winging it’s way toward my doorstep! <3ReplyCancel

  • Dieanna - Carrie ~ YOU are amazing!! I am truly blessed to have found you and your blog. You make every day fantastic. I am in awe of how you put yourself out there for all of us, and expect nothing in return. You have been through so much and just keep going (energizer bunny). God knew what he was doing when he created YOU! I thank him every day for bringing you into my life. I hope to one day travel to Seattle and meet you in person.

    I am super excited to get my Ice Cream cookbook and also my ice cream churner.

    Thanks again for all you do to make our lives more SANE!!

    Thoughts, prayers and love to you! <3ReplyCancel

  • mary - I have been saying this–Eat Dessert First–for years, but it took clever, creative, culinary talented you to turn that wonderful idea into a cookbook. I just ordered my copy and do so hope your delightful banter is included with the recipes. Congratulations, Carrie. You deserved to be oh so proud!!! How privileged I am to personally know two wise, witty, and passionate authors. Now to figure out how to get my copy Of Eat Dessert First autographed…ReplyCancel

    • carrie - Mary – THANK YOU for your lovely comments. Know that I created the Butter Pecan Ice Cream just for YOU!! :-))ReplyCancel

  • Rosie - Long time lurker, first time poster! I rec’d the cookbook (and my food scale!) yesterday, SO EXCITED. Once I’ve read through the beginning “how to” section, I will order the additional accoutrements (i.e. an actual ice cream maker). This evening I’ll make my first SANE Smoothie — the Orange Creamsicle. Interested to see if I can make the smoothie at night and thanks to the miracle of guar gum, take it to work for lunch the next day.

    Carrie, I cannot thank you enough for all of your efforts. I’ve been a (Type 1) diabetic most of my life and it is a true joy to have these SANE, delicious recipes. You are an inspiration!!ReplyCancel

    • carrie - Hi Rosie!!! Thanks so much for all your very kind words. Your joy makes my heart very happy.ReplyCancel

  • Cynthia - Carrie, you are truly amazing. Just whipped up my first ice cream (cinnamon) from your fab book and both husband and teenage son were going nom nom nom! Me too – love love love.ReplyCancel


I am writing you a book.  A recipe book.  A SANE recipe book.  A SANE Ice Cream recipe book.  A BOOK FULL OF SANE ICE CREAM RECIPES!!!!!

If you are even the tiniest bit as excited as I am, you’re pretty darn excited.  I am so excited I can barely stand it.

Since one of my core beliefs is that all ice cream recipe book launches should be especially fun, and because this is my first published book that has my name on the cover, and because you cheer me along so brilliantly from the sidelines, I am giving away 15 signed copies of my book the very instant it is published.  FIFTEEN!  3 copies will be winging their way to the UK, 3 to Australia, 3 to Canada, 3 to America, and 3 to anywhere in the world that isn’t one of those 4 places.  That will be 3 to every country I’ve lived in and 3 to the rest of the world.  It’s not the rest of the world’s fault that I haven’t lived there, yet.

Would you like one of these 15 signed copies to land on your doormat?  Here’s how:

1. Subscribe to my blog (you’re reading it right now).  The subscribe button is just to the left of here.  Type your email address in the box and press the button.  Then, every 3 days or so, a new post will plop into your inbox and you’ll never miss another recipe or sterling missive of good SANE advice again.

2. “Like” my blog Facebook page.  You need to do this because this is where I will post the daily SANE ice cream images.  You can find it here.  Or push the little orange Facebook button in the sidebar to the left of here; that’ll work too.

3. Head over to my blog Facebook page every day and guess what flavor of SANE ice cream I have posted that day by adding a comment to the picture.

4. Get *really* excited about a cook book full of recipes for SANE Ice Cream.  Because very soon you’ll be able to:

SANE Ice Cream Contest  |  Carrie Brown

…all the while supporting your health and body-fat goals AT THE SAME TIME.  How awesome is THAT?!

And since all good contests must have rules, here’s mine.  There’s only a few.

  • You must be subscribed to my blog.  See #1, above.  The winners will be announced right here.
  • One flavor guess per person per ice cream picture posted on my blog Facebook wall from Sunday August 3rd until publication of my book.
  • As soon as I post the next SANE Ice Cream picture on Facebook, guesses on the previous pictures are closed.  I just can’t keep up with following multiple threads on Facebook accurately.  Sorry about that.
  • If there are two or more flavors in one SANE Ice Cream, guessing any one of them will enter you in the draw.
  • There will be no answers until the book is out!

Oh, and to keep you going while you wait for this glorious, full-color book of SANE Ice Cream recipes, here’s one I posted earlier that you can make RIGHT NOW.

That’s it!  Get guessing!






What does 'sane' mean? Click here...Want delicious uber-healthy recipes? Check out my Cookbooks!
  • Heidi - When will this fabulous book be published so we can all start making sane icecream? Where are we going to be able to find your new book?ReplyCancel

    • carrie - Fingers crossed later this month, and I will publish all the book details as soon as I have them on the blog and also on Facebook and Twitter!ReplyCancel

  • Lee Adley - RaspberryReplyCancel

    • carrie - Lee – you need to post guesses on the Facebook page so I know which image you are guessing against! Head over and make your guess there now so you don’t miss out!ReplyCancel

  • Matilda - So super excited about this. Even if I don’t win a book, I will be buying one for sure.ReplyCancel

  • Heidi - My churner has been ready for months in the freezer and summer is running out. I Can’t wait, Super excited to try all the new flavors. Love the PB but tired of just PB now. Any chance you can post another flavor before the book comes out give us something new while we wait. PLEASE anything even just vanilla?ReplyCancel

  • Dieanna Mercurio - So excited, will have to go out and get an ice cream maker once the book comes out! Hopefully I can win a cookbook :)ReplyCancel