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Totally Messed Up

This week has me totally messed up.

Tuesday felt like Thursday.  Yesterday felt like Friday.  Today felt like Monday.  Now tomorrow is Friday; but there’s no Friday Night Dinner, because we did it on Wednesday instead.  And then it will be the weekend, but there’s no Big Breakfast Adventure on Saturday.  However, there’s two on Sunday.  Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.  As my twin would say.

I blame Uncle Sam.  July 4th needs to fall on a Friday.  Every single year.

Last weekend – well at least *I think* it was last weekend – Nazy flew up from LA for a quick birthday / 4th of July drive-by.  Except like I said, she flew.  We brunched!  Downtown!  On a Sunday!  Did I ever mention how much I love Big Breakfast Adventuring downtown on a Sunday?  FREE PARKING love.

Local 360 is a pretty perfect place for a Sunday brunch.  No traffic, free parking right outside the door, a cute-yet-hip, urban-meets-country interior and good food.  We had a lovely but over-zealous server, although I’d *much* rather have over-zealous than be ignored.  And, to be fair, that Nazy and I, we had a lot of catching up to do.  We took our sweet time.  Since most of our girlie natterings centered around subjects that are best left unspoken un-typed out loud, here’s the pictorial version.

Local 360, SeattleLocal 360, Seattle









Local 360, SeattleLocal 360, Seattle



















Chicken Fried Steak at Local 360, Seattle

Chicken Fried Steak at Local 360, SeattleSalmon Scramble at Local 360, Seattle



















Apple Fritters at Local 360, Seattle


Apple Fritters at Local 360, SeattleLemon Pound Cake at Local 360, Seattle



















Lemon Pound Cake at Local 360, Seattle

Highlights: cutest teapot ever, best Chicken Fried Steak ($12) I’ve eaten (the mushroom sherry sauce was swoon-worthy),  great ambiance, friendly and accommodating staff, and fabulous ice cream (if you know me you know that is the biggest compliment I can give anyone).  Nazy loved her Salmon Scramble ($13).  Here’s my first foray into the world of Chicken Fried Steak.  I learnt a lot that day.

Lowlights: lemon pound cake ($7) could have been more lemony, strangest apple fritters on earth ($7), and the poached eggs that came with my steak were all rather watery.

I’d go here again – there were several things I had my eye on that my belly couldn’t accommodate.  I also think I’d like to go when the sun is shining so I can sit on the sidewalk (pavement).  That would be lovely.

Furthermore, in the continuing conundrum of What Day Is It, Anyway?  Now it’s Friday, but for me it’s Saturday (or at least, one of them), but for most people it’s still Friday.  Tomorrow is Saturday.  It will feel like Sunday to me.  Then on Sunday I’ll do a re-run, because it won’t feel like Monday because I won’t be at the office.  Today is also National Fried Chicken Day, which I celebrated on Wednesday; and then again yesterday, which was Thursday, except it was my Friday.  Which means that I did, in fact, eat fried chicken on the right day.  Thank heavens. I thought I was going crazy for a moment there.

And finally, I just booked 2 road-trips.  I *really* like road trips because I don’t need to know what day it is.
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