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Your Kryptonite: *THAT* Food | Renée Jones

Let’s talk about your Kryptonite.

Yes, THAT one – that one food or Thing you cannot say “No” to.

Okay, you likely already know what most easily derails you.  It’s that food, habit, or behavior that trips up your best intentions and usually requires far too long for recovery.

With foods, we have a few options:

If possible, do not bring them into your home.  Here’s the thing – if you truly, truly, truly want it, there are places that will keep it ready and available for you.  You can go get them even at three in the morning if necessary, and they keep it fresh for you. They even call it a “Store.”

If others in the household can’t live without the food that trips you, however, we can employ barriers between us and that food – perhaps putting it in an opaque container that is not on your eye level, in a cupboard you do not open, or in another room or workplace.

Try  the “this isn’t mine” plan – yes, I know. That may not have stopped us in the past, but we can choose it now. To make it stronger, connect it with something you buy for someone in your household that you could use but do not – that’s not my toothbrush, that’s not my underwear, that’s not my _______ food.  That food does not fit you, it’s not for you, and sharing it would be a bit weird.  This one may take a little practice, but you can do this.

Are you already finding reasons and excuses for this not to work?  That’s self-sabotage at its finest, and I know you can make better choices.

Come on – you can do this.








Renée Jones is a counselor and coach specializing in overcoming emotional eating.  After 40 years on the Diet Yo-Yo, she struggled to find what worked for her while emotional eating sabotaged every attempt.  When she finally overcame that emotional eating to lose her weight, maintenance on a low-fat diet left her tired, hungry, and cranky.  In April of 2015, she found the ketogenic lifestyle and later Carrie Brown’s recipes, which freed her from the Diet Yo-Yo and dark mood swings.

Now she helps others get free of their emotional eating and other baggage so their hearts can heal along with their bodies.  She has a Master’s degree in Counseling with certifications in both traditional and contemporary models as well as Horse-Assisted and relaxation methods. She has an international counseling and coaching practice.

Author of  What’s Really Eating You: Overcome the Triggers of Comfort Eating


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