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How Could I Possibly Leave?

After my jaunt down to Tukwila to imbibe myself in diner dreamland at Randy’s, I wasn’t exactly over-full.  By the time I was back up in the vicinity of Sunset Hill I was ready for a little something.  A little pastry perhaps.  Or two.  Plus, I needed to find a decent pastry shop on the Eastside for those times when I just didn’t have time to haul all the way up to Honore in North Ballard and back.  I was on a bit of a mission.

Miss Connie had given me two leads about great pastries on this side of Lake Washington:  Belle Pastry in Bellevue & The French Bakery in, well, Bellevue.  Since I had already zoomed past the turn-off for Bellevue proper, I veered up 148th to head to Crossroads Mall where I had it on good authority that I would find The French Bakery.  I did.

The glass display cases were filled to over-flowing with row after row after row of all sorts of croissanterie.  I feared that the lady in front of me was going to buy the entire day’s baking as she instructed the server to fill box after box after box with pastries.  She whispered to me that it was the only way she could get people to turn up at her meetings.  Huh.

I finally decided on a Pain au Chocolat, an Almond Croissant & a Raspberry Cream Cheese Croissant.  Yes.  I know.  From one to two to three.  It’s Friday.  Seriously though.  How could I possibly leave a Raspberry Cream Cheese Croissant just sitting there?  Exactly.

The Verdict

  • Better than Bakery Nouveau
  • On a par with Cafe Besalu & Le Panier
  • Not {anywhere near} as good as Honore
  • Almond Croissant not almondy enough
  • Pain au Chocolat had great flaky outer layers but it all got a bit doughy in the middle
  • Raspberry & Cream Cheese Croissant – loved the flavor, heavy & doughy in the middle

Location makes it super convenient so I can see myself heading here again, especially if I want goodies for the office.  Hugely rated & very popular so will do a re-run on a different day.

Very happy to know they are around.

French Bakery on Urbanspoon The French Bakery on Urbanspoon French Bakery on Urbanspoon

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  • AlecHave to visit Honore after this cool post! So far my favorite is Nouveau, followed by French Bakery

    Happy fooding :)ReplyCancel

    • cbThanks for stopping by, Alec! Honore is a must!!! Enjoy :-)ReplyCancel