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Get Your Happy Healthy Keto Body!

You know this Keto thing is supposed to be AMAZING…that it could maybe, hopefully be the perfect solution for your health and weight issues. If only you could figure out how to do this thing…


We find so often people are completely overwhelmed by how to do this right. We want to take away the confusion and deliver ease. From the science basics, to the lifestyle changes, to the food – we are here for YOU!


The complete program for YOUR Keto Success : Meal plans, food & shopping lists, easy to understand science, how to deal with friends and family, and a comprehensive FAQ section.


Whether you are brand new to Keto, or fell off the wagon, or stalled, or just need to re-focus, Happy Healthy Keto is here to make YOUR Keto life easy and fun. Yes, FUN! We think Keto can be a blast. And you’re about to find out that we’re right.


We are super excited to watch you transform yourself into YOUR HAPPY HEALTHY KETO BODY and we will be cheering you on all the way!



This 12 week program will give you:


♥ Monthly LIVE group coaching session with Kim & Carrie. Get all your questions answered and stay motivated! ♥


♥ Private Facebook Group hosted by Kim and Carrie, exclusively for Happy Healthy Keto Members, for all the support you need ♥


♥ Comprehensive program guide taking you through the science and the psychology of Happy Healthy Keto ♥


♥ 12 weeks of Meal Plans – take all the guesswork out of what you have to eat ♥


♥ Easy and Tasty recipes. You will be so excited how good feeling great can taste. And you won’t believe this delicious food is keto! ♥


♥ Shopping lists for every week to make it even easier for you ♥


♥ Weekly bonus content and motivational videos from Kim & Carrie! ♥








And ALL of this for the Early Bird Price of just $99 (less than $8.50 a week)


The program starts on Monday January 13th.


Why? Because we give you time to prep and get organized to be truly successful.


We are so excited for you to get started on Your Happy Healthy Keto path!!!


Carrie Brown: Keto Cookbook Author | Food Photographer | Lover of great food | Self-healer of BiPolar 2 Disorder and psoriasis | Speaker of truth.

Kim Howerton: Keto Coach | Lover of great food | Loser of over 70lbs | Self-healer of PCOS, hypothyroidism, and depression | Speaker of love and sarcasm.









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  • CateAre the meals portioned for one? So many plans either leave enough leftovers that I eat them for days, or recommend, say, a quarter cup of berries….and what do I do with the rest?
    Also, do the meals require measuring ten ingredients, plus chopping for a salad, etc? I’m a quick-n-dirty (well, hopefully not dirty) cook these days, since it’s just me. And I have to clean up and all.ReplyCancel

    • AnnieThank you so much for making this affordable! I’m really truly excited to start this program. I’ve been keto for a year, but I’ve stalled and am losing momentum.ReplyCancel

  • KelleyDo you get the meal plans before the 4th to Oreo?ReplyCancel

  • AnnieThank you so much for making this affordable! I’m really truly excited to start this program. I’ve been keto for a year, but I’ve stalled and am losing momentum.ReplyCancel

  • Maureen LucasI haven’t found any of the meetings yet. Where do I find them? I dont want to miss anymore! ThanksReplyCancel

  • Tina BaxterI just was reading about you. I think you might be my success story I’ve been looking for.

    The program offered is already a week in. Can I still join or at least read more?

    I seriously need to drop a good size, but would love to lose 25lbs. Your program might help.ReplyCancel

  • Johanna H RobertsI bought all five of your cookbooks as ebooks – the special but now I want to download them onto my main computer eventhough I ordered them on my iphone. I can’t find where to go to download them. Can you help me?ReplyCancel

    • carrieRespond to the emails I sent you upon purchase so that I cn help you!ReplyCancel