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The Podcasts : SANE (pre-KETO)

Welcome to the Smarter Science of Slim Podcasts, where Jonathan and I chat about eating more, exercising less, smarter – and offer our thoughts on living SANE with the Smarter Science of Slim.

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No iTunes?  The links below take you directly to listen to each one on YouTube.

Jonathan Bailor and Carrie Brown

Carrie’s Transformation #1

Carrie’s Transformation #2

Carrie’s Transformation #3

Carrie’s Transformation #4

Carrie’s 30 Year SANE Success Story

Get a Smarter Psychology of Slim and Take Control Back!

Carrie’s SANE Trip and Mental Transformation

Healthy Travels, Coke is Crap, Insulin Insights, Diabetes Cure, SANE Baby

Emotional Eating and Depression

How to Make Any Exercise More Effective

Sugar Addiction and How to Practice Safe Sweeteners

Why Soups Can Be So Absurdly SANE and Scrumptious

Marathons, Calorie Counting, Moms, and Tea

Coffee, Running, Cabbage, TRX, and more

SANE Peanut Butter Pie, Getting Stuck, Speed of Results, and Goals

All Things Coconut, Cauliflower, and More

Set-Point Simplified, Healthy Sugar?, Sardines, Self-love

Episode 45: Plateaus, Perspective, and Playing the Hand We’re Dealt

Episode 44: Oils, Seasonings, Salt, and Low-Carb Products

Episode 43: Too Full? Intermittent Fasting? Vegetarianism? Artificial Sweeteners? Agave Nectar? Glycemic Load?

Episode 42: Big Fat Accusations — Is Jonathan Bailor Lipophobic?

Episode 41: A Smarter Approach to Reading Nutrition Labels

Episode 40:  Injuries, Stretching, Safe Starches, and Supplements

Episode 39: Am I Eating Too Much and Set-Point Weight Details

Episode 38: SANE Snacks and On The Go — Simple Portable SANE Dishes

Episode 37: Is Traditional Exercise Bad? Should I Avoid Jogging and Aerobics?

Episode 36: SANE Eating for Kids and More

Episode 35: Slim Is, Mercury, How Much Resistance, and Bikes for Smarter Cardio

 Episode 34: 5 Proven Benefits of SANEity

Episode 33: Psychological Tips To Improve Your Health

Episode 32: Abs & Intelligent Exercise — Your 7 Day Smarter Exercise Program

Episode 31: Smarter Cardio 101 — How Get More Out of Less Cardio

Episode 30: 5 Personal Questions for Jonathan & Carrie

Episode 29: How To Exercise Eccentrically

Episode 28: How To Work More Muscle in Less Time

Episode 27: How To Exercise Eccentrically

Episode 26: SANE Drinking & Living — Alcohol, Water, Green Tea, and Goals

Episode 25: 5 Steps for A SANE Mind

Episode 24: The Myth of Quick Fixes

Episode 23: The Myth of Complexity

Episode 22: SANE Eating Practically — Practical Tips to Easily Eat SANEly

Episode 21: More Protein, Less Body Fat – The Simple Science of SANE Protein

Episode 20: How To Go SANE, Specifically

Episode 19: High-Frustose Corn Syrup is Evil

Episode 18: Big People, Big Business – How Health is Bad for Business

Episode 17: Eat Fat, Help Your Cholesterol

Episode 16: Eat Fat, Stay Slim

Episode 15: The Facts About Fat

Episode 14: Politicians Playing Physicians

Episode 13: What is Diabetes and Insulin?

Episode 12: Eat This to Burn Fat & Why Hormones Matter

Episode 11: Make Your Body Bad at Storing Fat

Episode 10: A More Accurate Approach To Nutrition

Episode 9: Accidentally Burn Fat While Eating More Food

Episode 8: Scientific Proof That A Calorie Is NOT A Calorie

Episode 7: Eat More, Slim Down, and The Truth About Thermodynamics

Episode 6: Exercising More Does *Not* Cause Long-Term Fat Loss

Episode 5: Eating Less Doesn’t Cause Long-Term Fat Loss

EPISODE 4: Lower Your Set-Point Weight, Kant, Smarter Exercise

EPISODE 3: Why It’s So Hard to Keep Weight Off (Set-Point Weight)

EPISODE 2: How To Burn Fat Automatically like A Naturally Thin Person

EPISODE 1: Simple Surprising Science

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