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The KETO Ice Cream Scoop The KETO Crockpot Cookbook | Carrie Brown















Eat Smarter! Smoothies and Sides E-Cookbook | Cookbooks by Carrie Brown

The Eat Smarter! Holidays Cookbook














Drink Smarter! Beverages E-Cookbook by Carrie Brown | Cookbooks by Carrie Brown


Eat Smarter! Soups E-Cookbook by Carrie Brown



















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  • Vanessa - Hi, Carrie,

    I bought the soup cookbook and am loving it. It’s the easiest way to start the day off right with lots of veggies without getting chilled. The Carrot & Celery Seed soup is one of my favorites.

    Last night I made the Ginger Carrot (etc) soup. I am not sure we have ground ginger, so I substituted fresh ginger, which I already had handy. The soup tasted a bit strange and I’m not sure whether to blame the vegetable broth concentrate I used (the instructions are in Chinese, so I had to guess at the proportions) or the fresh ginger. Does it really make a big difference to use ground ginger instead of fresh?


  • Jessica Durham - Carrie
    I love listening to you and Brian on your podcast! And I just ordered your Icecream and crock pot books!

  • Tamara Elliott - I just finished listening to the podcast on sweeteners. Could you guys give your feedback on monkfruit? I love it and am looking for thoughts on this relatively new to me sweetener.



  • steve bollinger - Carrie, Why dont you break down the macros in your smarter ice cream ebook?ReplyCancel

  • Meran - Hi! Just bought your keto ice cream book. Looks good except for all the guar gum. I have a terrible reaction to guar. Can I substitute a different gum for it?ReplyCancel

A little while back when the ruggedly handsome Brian Williamson whose podcast I co-host {listen to all the awesomeness – he has a voice like he should be on a smooth jazz radio station} suggested people needed a cookbook for the Holidays, I got straight to work because I don’t need any more encouragement than that to leg it to the kitchen and start making stuff up for you.  In the intervening weeks I have had a simply marvelous time creating 53 delicious recipes to see you through the holidays without the usual threat of The Holiday Ten (twenty?) or having to spend half of next year getting rid of the resultant spare tire.  So today I bring tidings of great joy!  The Eat Smarter! Holidays Cookbook is here – just in time for your to plan your healthiest, most scrumptious Holidays yet.  Because we don’t need no stinkin’ wheat, flour, grains, gluten, or sugars in our food.


The Eat Smarter! Holidays Cookbook


Here’s a few pictures to whet your appetite.  Then you can just head here to get all the details and order your copy.  It’s available in print version or e-cookbook pdf, which can also be read on a Kindle.  And maybe you know of some family and friends that would love to get the gift of delicious, grain-, gluten-, sugar-free low carb healthy fare into their Holidays this year.


The Eat Smarter! Holidays Cookbook | Carrie Brown The Eat Smarter! Holidays Cookbook | Carrie Brown The Eat Smarter! Holidays Cookbook | Carrie Brown

The Eat Smarter! Holidays Cookbook | Carrie Brown

















The Eat Smarter! Holidays Cookbook | Carrie Brown The Eat Smarter! Holidays Cookbook | Carrie Brown The Eat Smarter! Holidays Cookbook | Carrie Brown The Eat Smarter! Holidays Cookbook | Carrie Brown




The Eat Smarter! Holidays Cookbook | Carrie Brown



The Eat Smarter! Holidays Cookbook | Carrie Brown






Hop on over here to find out all the details and  get The Eat Smarter! Holidays Cookbook today!




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  • David Williams - Oh yeah I’m gonna get me some of that!!ReplyCancel

  • Jayme - Carrie, I will definitely be ordering the hard copy! I ordered your ice cream book then had a couple of questions before making the treat. You were so kind and answered me. Well,..I am here to tell everyone that ice cream (followed all your instructions) came out divine. Forget about it being very good low carb ice cream. IT WAS THE BEST ICE CREAM I HAVE EVER EATEN!!! Also for me it was so nice to finally make a low carb ice cream that was not like a cement block.ReplyCancel

  • Vanessa - Those are some drool-worthy pictures. I’m terribly excited about the Creamy Peppermint Hot Chocolate (EXACTLY what I need before three hours of volleyball in a freezing gym) and anything chocolate.

    Your scone recipes are to die for (the Sour Cream & Chive one even convinced my onion-hating husband that chives are not evil) and the soups I’ve tried so far have been winners.ReplyCancel

    • Vanessa - Post-Thanksgiving Report: The roast turkey recipe is perfect. Our little turkey came out of the oven browned & crispy on the outside and tender & juicy on the inside. My vegan mother kept exclaiming how impressed she was that the previously-frozen turkey turned out like this, and not like every cardboard-y turkey she’d ever seen in the past.

      We made a double recipe of the eggnog ice cream, which was also a big success.

      The only recipe that gave me any trouble at all is the pumpkin pie squares. Possibly the combination of using an 8″ x 8″ pan (the alternative was 7.5″ x 11″) and 15 oz of pumpkin (instead of the 14.5 noted on the can for a 9″ pie) explains why it took 2 hrs to get mostly-cooked bars. Or I measured wrong.ReplyCancel

  • Vanessa - Which Ketovangelist episodes are you in, besides the one with your interview?ReplyCancel

    • carrie - Vanessa – Episode #74 and onward. There is a Ketovangelist Kitchen segment after each guest interview.ReplyCancel

      • Vanessa - Woo hoo! I’ve found an episode and started listening already. :)ReplyCancel

  • Pam - One of the recipes in your new cookbook calls for “vegetable gylcerine”. In your list of archives/23109, I could not find it. I looked on iherb but these products were for beauty, not to injest. I think this is an ingredient in the pecan pie recipe. Can I leave it out?
    Thanks, PamReplyCancel

    • Mark Kloch - I found it at Whole Foods, it is a skin care product. The label says for external use only? What gives Carrie, love the book BTW!ReplyCancel

      • carrie - Hi Mark! As David says, use Glycerine that says Food Grade. I use NOW brand. I generally get it from Amazon, but it is often found in pharmacies, health food stores or even some grocery stores. Hope that helps!ReplyCancel

    • David Williams - You can get vegetable glycerin on ebay and it is also sold by e-cigarette suppliers as it is used for vaping. It’s readily available. Just make sure you get a food grade one.ReplyCancel

  • Amy - The holiday cookbook is great! It mentions using the turkey giblets for gravy, but then there’s no gravy instructions. What do you recommend for low-carb gravy?ReplyCancel

  • Sue Giachero - I would like to buy all 4 cookbooks for my kindle but can’t find them on amazon. I’ve seen you mention they are available in kindle format but can’t find them. Would appreciate your help.ReplyCancel

    • carrie - Hi Sue – you can buy the e-cookbooks and send them to read on your Kindle. Instructions at the bottom of the Holiday Cookbook sales page. Hope that helps!ReplyCancel

I thought I’d share some interesting financial data with you today. Yes! It’s show me the money day – a pretty compelling look at the difference in my healthcare costs before and after I fired my traditional doctor and my psychiatrist.  Instead, I went to see a Naturopathic Doctor and a Doctor who treats his patients with nutrition.


2013, 2014 & 2015 Healthcare Costs

$8,000 – 10,000 a quarter or $35,000 – $40,000 per year which is an average of $3125 per month

  • Psychotherapy, psychiatry, and general practitioner visits for managing Bi-Polar II Disorder
  • Emergency Room visits for uncontrollable migraines
  • Prescription medications for Bi-Polar II Disorder, nausea, ear infections, and sleep disorder
  • General practitioner visits for recurrent ear infections, exhaustion, sleep disorder, migraines, constant headaches, psoriasis


2016 Healthcare Costs

So far this year $1001 which is an average of $125 per month

  • Check-ins with Naturopath on diet and supplement plan plus electric current treatments for my tennis elbow

Note: I no longer suffer from migraines, headaches, ear infections, a sleep disorder, nausea, psoriasis, or any symptoms of Bi-Polar II Disorder.  Further details of the seemingly endless positive health impacts of changing my health care providers.


Show me the money | Carrie Brown


So, yeah. If you want to know the reasons why I no longer give one Scottish Highland Games toss what mainstream doctors (or anyone else) thinks of Naturopaths or doctors who treat patients with LCHF and KETO diets, I can give you approximately 39,000 reasons every year for the last 3 years.  Science schmience.  Show me the money.  Give me my own anecdotal evidence EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Do I give one flying ring-tailed lemur whether there is any scientific evidence to back any of this up?  Do I give one fat, juicy Mediterranean fig how or why it works?  Do I need to get a second opinion from anyone anywhere about the efficacy or validity of any of the protocols I am currently using or used to figure out WTF was wrong with me?  Do I care one iota if any “expert”, scientist, doctor, or other “suitably qualified” person tells me I need to see a traditional Doctor or Specialist because I am endangering my health?

No. NO.  No, I don’t.  All I care about is this and the incredible improvement in my quality of life since I changed tack and stopped listening to (and paying) the vast majority of ‘healthcare’ providers.  Oh, and I care about the $3000 per month I am now NOT spending on healthcare.  Because guess what?  I am healthier *by far* now than I have been since I was 11, or maybe even younger than that.

And that is all I need to know.

Also, don’t talk to me about organic being more expensive, or the cost of grass-fed beef, or how it’s too costly to eat healthily, because I can assure you that while my grocery budget *might* have gone up a little, it certainly has not gone up up $39,000 a year.  Or even $1000 a year.  I’ll take spending $1000 a year on great real food v. $39,000 a year on ‘sickcare’ any day of the week.

Happy Labor day, Americans!  Happy first Monday in September, everyone!












What does 'sane' mean? Click here...Want delicious uber-healthy recipes? Check out my Cookbooks!
  • David Williams - Yeah! WHat she said!!!ReplyCancel

  • Sylvia Murray - AWESOME news, Carrie! So happy for you. xxReplyCancel

  • Susan - Wow, what an amazing transformation for you! Thank you for sharing. Happy Labor Day to you as well.ReplyCancel

  • Richard Bauer - LCHF has not alleviated my clinical depression one iota. I do not have the strength or energy to get through the day without at least one nap, nor does it calm my thoughts. $125/mo for a naturopath is still expensive for those of us on disability. Also the LCHF diet has not alleviated me of the feet, ankle, knee and elbow joint pain I experience…gelatin has not helped. Neither has bone broth.ReplyCancel

    • carrie - Hi Richard,

      I am sorry you’re not finding any relief from LCHF. To be clear, I didn’t get relief from ONLY LCHF either – it was LCHF combined with figuring out other issues that my Naturopath uncovered from various tests and DNA data. You can read about all of that by following some of the links in the post.

      I don’t think LCHF is a global panacea for everything that ails humankind, but from my own experience and research, and studying the effects it has had on others it is obviously hugely beneficial to a large % of people.

      Yes, $125 is a lot if it’s money you don’t have, but the point of my post is that it’s $3000 less money than I was spending previously to get zero relief.

      My health has changed ENTIRELY due to LCHF and working with a Naturopath, as well as saving me $39k each year and this post was an encouragement to people to try something different than traditional medicine and approaches if they weren’t getting the results they need.

      One year ago today I was where you describe you are, so I understand your pain, and I very much hope that you find the solution that works for you.

      This has been life-changing for me.

      Love to you.ReplyCancel

  • Is Low Carb Expensive? - Health Services Online - […] Carrie Brown: Show Me the Money! […]ReplyCancel

  • Jayme - Carrie,
    I first heard of you on Keto Evangelist when you spoke of ice cream. I love ice cream, but I have been sorely disappointed in any Keto recipes thus far. I finally understood why after listening to you and purchasing your book. All of my Keto ice cream recipes used Erythritol and were as hard as a cement block.
    Now to my question, in your book you recommend Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey. I checked the ingredients and it contains soy and sucralose. I do not want to use anything with soy or sucralose. You mention in your book you are not being compensated which I totally believe. Therefore, would Jay Robb’s whey protein work for the recipes? Thank you for any direction as I am looking forward to making but the soy and sucralose are show stoppers for my family.ReplyCancel

    • carrie - Hi Jayme – let me know if my email helped!ReplyCancel

      • Jayme - Carrie, I cannot thank you enough for replying to my question. I couldn’t get over that I received an email from you personally! I absolutely love the book, have gathered the ingredients and plan soon to make my first batch. My wish is that people who buy this wonderful book understand the amount of time and testing that is put into these recipes that are low carb. This is high quality ice cream. I have made ice cream before with erythritol and it was as hard as cement. You address all those issues and people need to understand that xylitol is NOT FAKE. Thank you Carrie, I am a fan forever.ReplyCancel

If I had a dollar for every time someone has asked me when I am going to do another podcast I’d be a wealthy woman by now.  So I am thrilled to introduce you to Brain Williamson who decided that I had enough interesting things to say that it would fill up an hour.  The result: Podcast with The Ketovangelist.

For those of you who have been following along on my WTF is wrong with me? journey the past year you will have heard me mention a KETO diet more than a few times, and very soon I am going to go into a lot more detail about the whole KETO thing because so many of you have asked me to.  I’m here to serve!  And just to clear up any confusion about whether I have jumped from the SANE ship to the KETO ship – no.  I am on both ships.  All foods on a KETO diet are also SANE.  I promise I’ll explain this all very clearly very soon.  Stay tuned!

In the meantime, listen along as Brian grills me on how I became the Anti-Pastry Chef after being the Top Pastry Chef in England for my graduating year, how ice cream works, what I eat these days, and why being a perfectionist can be a great thing.

Enjoy Podcast with The Ketovangelist!  Just click here to listen in.

We had a blast recording this – Brian is a ton of fun – and we’d love to know what you think in the comments below.


Podcast with The Ketovangelist

If you have dabbled with the KETO diet and have questions – or have heard about it and want to know what it is – please leave them in the comments below or drop me at email so that I work the answers into my series of KETO posts that are in the works.



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  • Debra sanders - Just listened to the podcast and it motivated me to get out my Eat Dessert First! Ice Cream book. I think I’m going to make the Butter Pecan today(:ReplyCancel

    • carrie - Good call, Debra! Wow – that was the limited first edition – go you for being one of the first people on earth to get your healthy ice cream making on!!! :-)ReplyCancel

      • Debra Sanders - I was an earlier follower of Jonathan Bailor. I got all of your books when they first came out?ReplyCancel

        • carrie - So tell us what your favorite recipes from each cookbook are?!!ReplyCancel

  • Donna - When eating Keto, are you still getting in the recommended number of SANE veggies and protein? Looking forward to hearing more! Thanks!ReplyCancel

    • carrie - Hi Donna – protein yes, veggies no. KETO is very strict low-carb and higher fat.ReplyCancel

  • Teresa - Hi Carrie, I listened to the podcast and then bought your book and am so looking forward to making ice cream BUT…. Unfortunately, hemp milk is not available in New Zealand so could I use something else? Please!!!!ReplyCancel

This is a tale about happy, healthy cat litter, so if you don’t have a cat(s) or don’t know anyone who does, this post is probably going to be of absolutely no use to you whatsoever.  I suspect it will also bore the pants off you.  Cats: if you don’t have one there’s nothing to see here.

Along the same lines as my recent post about stinky pits and other things I don’t miss, I also do not miss stinky cat litter. Wait. What?  Did I adopt out all my ‘children’??  Has Mr. McHenry escaped over the back fence never to be seen again??  Did Florence wander off the back step in search of a bigger water bowl??  Fear not, lovely readers, my brood of four-legged furry friends is alive and well.

It’s hot today and right now Daisy is sprawled out across the desk, Florence is flat on the kitchen floor wedged up against the cabinets, Penelope is spread-eagled under the ceiling fan, Zebedee is upside down with legs akimbo on the terrace, and Mr. McHenry is collapsed under the dining table looking like he’s about to expire from the weight of all that fluff he drags around with him.

Cats: if you don

Given that all my ‘kids’ are present and correct, how come I no longer have stinky cat litter?  Have I trained them to use the toilet?!  (I wish).  No, it all started when I was going through the process of finding out WTF is was wrong with me.  Having discovered that I have a genetic wrinkle giving me a reduced ability to de-toxify my body when it’s assailed by all the icky modern day stuff like the chemicals in paint, plastics, petroleum products, cleaning products, blah, blah, blah, I started working on replacing all the chemicals in my home with natural products.

Now, I’ve always been averse to using chemicals for cleaning and personal care products so there wasn’t a huge amount of things I needed to research and swap out in those departments, but one day while I was scooping the {kitty} poop I realized how much dust was stirred up and I started wondering what was in that dust and how much I was breathing in and whether it was harming us in some way.  Sure enough it turns out that clay litter is no bueno, so it had to go.

Cats: if you don

Off I trundled to the fancy-pants pet store where I found litter made from all sorts of wheaty, corny, piney things.  I grilled the store clerks (no not that kind of grilling) and eventually decided on one particular pine litter – Feline Fresh by Planet Wise – mostly because it was biodegradable and  flush-able.  Flush-able!!  No more sacks of kitty-poop to save up and toss out with the garbage!!  WOOHOO!!  I cannot even tell you the transformation that this pine litter wrought on the Brown House.

It smells like a pine forest, it is really light, it clumps like nobody’s business, it has unbelievably magical odor control, and you can flush the clumps straight down the loo.  If there is any downside it is that it tracks a bit because it is light and fluffy.  The kids loved it.  The only other downside (for me) was the cost. Although you end up using way less than regular clay litter it still gets pretty pricey when you have 20 little feet traipsing through it every day and night.  So I tried some other pine litters – and none of them came even close to the clumping, odor control or flush-ability of the Feline Fresh by Planet Wise.  If I didn’t have quite so many super-users at my house this is the litter I would use.

Cats: if you don

My next task was to find something that was just as good as the Feline Fresh by Planet Wise but made of something other than pine that had a lower price point.  I went to a different store and grilled their store clerks.  I researched on The Interwebs.  Finally I settled on Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh walnut shell litter. I know, right? Who knew?!  Who even thought up using walnut shells for cat litter?  Anywho – give that person a medal.  Because AWESOME.

It has a slight walnutty smell, it clumps like the Dickens, it has unbelievably magical odor control, zero dust, and hardly tracks at all.  It is a miracle. The only downside is that it doesn’t flush, but it is so much lighter than clay and has no odor when wet so it doesn’t even feel like a downside.  The kids love it, and one 26lb bag lasts 5 cats a whole month.  I kid you not: 5 cats for 1 month only takes 1 bag, and that’s with two super-peeing kitties on the team (*ahem* Florence and Penelope).

Cats: if you don

So Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh is now the litter of choice over here at Life in the Sane Lane HQ.  I should note that Florence will simply not pee in a litter box that is not pristine, and despite my not cleaning the trays any more frequently than I did when we used clay litter, there have been no Florence ‘accidents’ since we switched.  I credit this to the magical odor control that Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh has over regular clay litter.

When I posted about my enthusiasm for Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh on my Facebook page (which, incidentally you should join because we’d love to have you there) a bunch of people said, “Oh! We never thought about getting cat litter from Amazon!”

Cats: if you don

Well here’s why you might consider doing that:

  • Cheaper – YAY! Plus when it is on sale buy it in bulk and by the time you’ve run out it will be on sale again. Winning!
  • No driving to the store – dunno about you but I have *way* funner things to occupy my time than shopping for cat litter. Even vacuuming is funner than that.
  • No lugging heavy bags of litter from store to car and car to house – especially if you’re a single gal who just did her eccentrics the day before. Ouch.
  • Free shipping – and no gas in the car either. Winning!
  • Delivered to your door – does it get any simpler?


Happy, healthy cat litter for one and all!

Photo credits from the top:  Mr. McHenry – Daisy – Zebedee – Penelope – Florence


(If you know someone with furry feline friends please share – thanks!)
















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  • Vanessa - You’ve got me thinking about trying this weird walnut litter…

    Would you name the pictured kitties from top to bottom? I recognize Mr. McHenry, of course.ReplyCancel

    • carrie - Photo credits from the top: Mr. McHenry – Daisy – Zebedee – Penelope – Florence :-)ReplyCancel

      • Vanessa - I’m pleased to meet them! :) You have a new fan, cats of Carrie.

        Daisy looks particularly stern in her picture, but she looks so GOOD doing it.

        Zebedee and my eldest cat, Yin, appear to have the same philosophy that humans working on the computer are in need of a cat draped across their arms. Or lying on the keyboard.ReplyCancel

  • Sue - Carrie: Thank you for the cat litter review. I also have 5 cats. And, I have a sensitivity to all those nasty added-chemicals. For a few years, I’ve been on a quest to replace my surroundings with natural products. No scents, no dyes, no perfumes, etc, etc. And I wouldn’t think of exposing my kitties to anything that I don’t tolerate. >^..^<

    Have you found the BBNF litter to be dusty? Or attract ants? )I once tried the corn-based cat litter and found it attracted ants. Ugh.)

    As always, thank you for your blog and your cookbooks and sharing your all stories with us. I've been a fan for – I think its been – 4 years now. You're a friend from afar.


    • carrie - Sue! No dust on the BBNF litter. No ants either. I am completely in love with this stuff and so are the “kids” :-)ReplyCancel